Consultancy & Facilitation Rates

Mark Lee likes to help out where he can and on a commercial basis that makes sense for all parties. Do get in touch if you would like his input on a consultancy basis or to facilitate meetings for your firm or organisation.



For Consultancy and Facilitation work Mark’s preference is to agree a value-based fee that is fair to all parties.

As it isn’t always possible to quantify a value-based fee you can sometimes secure Mark’s services at a standard day rate.

Standard Day Rate


Ideal for a one off booking

Payable in advance

Project based fees

If you need Mark’s involvement in projects that will require his input over more than one day, his effective day rate reduces as follows:

2 Days

£3,100 per day

Payable in advance

3 - 5 Days

£2,600 per day

Payable in advance

More than 5 Days

£2,100 per day

Payable in advance


Engagement Options

Mark One

A ‘pay as you go’ option that creates no ongoing commitment or obligations.

Days or discrete tasks to be agreed.

Charged at appropriate daily rate as set out above.

Number of days to be agreed before work commences.

Mark Two

A collaborative commitment and a way to ensure our objectives are aligned and that you are assured of my commitment and involvement.

Typically involves a requirement for more than 5 days work and a commitment of at least £12k

Mark Three

More of a ‘partnership’ commitment (without creating a formal partnership of course). This ensures that you get maximum value and commitment from Mark to look for reasonable further opportunities to promote your business to his ‘tribe’.

This service level goes beyond the Mark Two and typically involves more ongoing liaison, development and commitment to secure an even wider range of benefits and positive outcomes for your business including increased profile and reach.

Typically involves a longer-term relationship and a commitment of at least £20k

Reasonable travel and subsistence costs will be agreed/added for meetings outside of the London tube network

Please contact Mark if you would like to discuss his availability. His contact details are at the top and bottom of the page.

NB: Mark ceased giving tax advice in 2006 and is not available to provide assistance in this regard. If it is tax support you require, Mark suggests you contact the Tax Advice Network through which you can source independent specialist tax advice and support.