Commercial Collaborations

When Mark is approached about possible collaborations he initially looks to clarify 2 key points:

  • Will his involvement add value to your operation and to the target audience?
  • Will he receive an adequate reward and/or share of profits?

Please note that Mark is NOT able to invest time or effort in anything akin to ‘commission only’ affiliate arrangements.

Example collaborations that have worked well include:

  • A software house wanted to reach and attract more accountants to attend its events around the UK. They invited, promoted (and paid) Mark as a key note speaker. The events sold out, in part, due to Mark’s inclusion on the programme and his willingness to promote the events to his extensive network by email, on twitter and on Linkedin.
  • Another software house wanted to offer distinct and valuable training on business advisory skills to their client base of accountants in the UK. This was to replicate a similar programme run overseas. They engaged Mark to refocus the course materials and promotional messages to better attract UK audiences, to build and present a unique interactive course and to assist with promotion thereof – and so help raise the profile of the brand in the UK.
  • An Auto-Enrolment solution provider wanted to raise their profile across the UK accountancy profession. They commissioned Mark to author an independent summary of options available to accountants re the introduction of Auto-Enrolment. The sponsoring organisation then put their own promo wrapper around the document before they and Mark prompted it to accountants around the UK.
  • A new entrant to the accountancy software market reached out to Mark offering a short-term consultancy for strategic advice and support. They then appointed him a non-exec director which has of itself generated more enquiries and profile for the now software solution than would otherwise have been the case.
  • A established software house wanted to raise their profile among UK accountants and engaged Mark to front a sponsored webinar and to write a short series of articles for use on their blogs and online marketing.
  • A long established UK based Indian outsourcing company wanted to leverage Mark’s profile and credibility and agreed a retainer relationship to include leading webinars, chairing a panel discussion, writing articles and boosting the reach of in-house content published on Linkedin and social media.

In addition to ongoing collaboration, Mark is also available for ad-hoc strategic consultancy and advice. Further details here >>>