Make it easier for prospective clients to choose YOU

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Ask ten accountants how they secure most of their new clients and at least eight will say referrals and recommendations. Sometimes this is because they have a good flow of new clients and/or have actively cultivated and encouraged such mentions among clients and contacts. Mostly though it is because they don't actually secure many

Why you should stop trying to build brand awareness for your firm

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My advice here re building and promoting your firm's brand is controversial. And of course there will be some exceptions. But I would urge you to read this post with an open mind before deciding whether or not YOUR firm really is one of those exceptions. Let's start with ten top accountancy brands. As

Improving the first impression of your online and website profiles

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I have never ‘swiped’ someone’s profile picture, as online dating didn’t exist when I met my wife in the 1980s. The whole concept of swiping is quite alien to me. I was curious though, so a while back, I asked a single friend to show me how the ‘swipe left’ and ‘swipe

15 quick tips to grow and build your practice

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This week I am sharing with you 15 of the key points I referenced during a recent conversation with an accountant who wanted to know what they should be doing in year 3 of their newish practice. Background The accountant had booked a one-off focused mentoring call, having started their practice just

How you can stop being scared of losing prospective new clients

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Many accountants appear to approach the idea of finding new clients with conflicted emotions. If you do this you are probably making life harder for yourself than it needs to be. On the one hand your website and marketing activities try to promote you and your firm as able to act for

Does size matter? Are you pretending to be bigger than you are?

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I have lost track of how many sole practitioners and two-partner accountancy practices pretend to be bigger than they really are. Some overtly claim that their firm is bigger than it really is by adding words like “and associates” to the name of the firm. Even though, in reality, it is only them and

What are the key statistics for your accountancy firm website?

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What follows is controversial as it challenges the conventional wisdom shared by many website designers and content marketers. I have long felt that a great deal of the generic advice you hear and see all over the web is misleading. I have explained before that: Only one website metric really matters to accountants. And that is, for

Only one website metric really matters to accountants

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There are plenty of online tools that will help you measure various website metrics and analytics - such as visitor numbers, how long they stay, which pages they look at and so on.  None of them, however, measure the most important metric so it is easy to forget that there's only one that really matters.

Websites for professional firms (part two)

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A few weeks ago I posted the first of my observations and advice concerning websites for professional firms. When I consult with ambitious firms I invariably check out their websites beforehand. Some are good. Some are lousy. Some don't exist and some are almost indistinguishable from those of other firms who have bought the same

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