How accounting has been changed by technology

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I was intrigued by this infographic and thought it was worth sharing. I recognise the picture of the modern accountant as I started in the profession just before accounting computer programmes were introduced to enhance our lives. The infographic starts with Pacioli in 1494 and comes right uptodate via the introduction of visicalc in 1978 and

Accountants in debt – emerging trends

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I've just seen a report from the  Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association (CABA). It claims that three emerging trends in debt among accountants have became more prevalent during the first half of 2011. These patterns have been noted by CABA's debt advice team, who provide guidance and practical help to accountants with financial difficulties, over the

Radio 4: A Brief History of Double-Entry Book-keeping

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Readers may be interested in this Radio 4 series broadcast in early 2010. There were ten episodes to the series so thank goodness it's only a 'brief history'! 8 Mar 2010 15:45–16:00 BBC Radio 4 Episode 1 1/10. Jolyon Jenkins traces the religious roots of some accounting practices. 9 Mar 2010 15:45–16:00 BBC Radio 4

Two years and 200 posts later

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It seems to be customary to post anniversary notes on blogs - partly because it's quite an achievement to keep going for a decent length of time. I started this as a blog for 'Ambitious Professionals' in May 2006 after a new business contact suggested that it would be far more beneficial than a conventional

Happy new year – be careful what you wish for

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I'm not one for making annual new year resolutions - or indeed 'predictions'. Indeed, rather than risk 'predictions' for 2008 I offer instead three of my hopes for the new year, that Accountants will: 1 - earn more money by advising their clients about their menu pricing models - so that clients know they'll pay

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