Ten ways accountants can network at conferences

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With Accountex around the corner you might think this piece is aimed at accountants planning to attend what looks set to be the biggest and best exhibition and conference accountants have seen in the UK for many years. It is. But the ten tips are equally applicable whenever you attend conferences for accountants and tax

The depressing view of final-year students

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There was a depressing piece of news in the November 2012 issue of Economia (The ICAEW's replacement magazine for 'Accountancy'). President Mark Spofforth reports on research undertaken by Oxford Brookes University that contains some salutary lessons for anyone promoting the accountancy profession as a career choice: "Accountancy is boring, offers little intellectual stimulus and makes virtually no

When I’m wrong, I admit it

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This post is a post-script to a couple of posts I originally wrote for the TaxBuzz blog. As I no longer update that blog I have to comment here. And, yes, I HAVE to comment. Two people with whom I worked some years ago have been found guilty and imprisoned for their part in a fraudulent tax

You don’t have to be boring to be good at your job

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Accountants are all too used to being characterised as 'boring'. Maybe some fit the sterotype. In other cases the epithet is more down to the perceived boring nature of accounting and auditing. One reason so many accountants are seen as boring is precisely because we enjoy doing the boring old stuff that clients don't like

Will accountants be able to afford to retire?

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The so-called baby-boomer accountants, born in the immediate aftermath of World War Two, are now reaching (normal) retirement age. For many of them the question of whether they can afford to retire is at the forefront of their thoughts. Some members of the profession have long been making pension contributions or investments intended to ensure

I now have thousands of followers on twitter. So what?

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I've been on twitter since 2007 years and have watched my twitter follower numbers gradually increase over this time. I think it's fair to assume that my 5,300+ [edited Dec 2013] followers each fall into one or more of the following categories: Interested in me/my tweets - and forming part of my target audience of

Where can Accountants network?

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It seems that many accountants have experienced one form of local networking group and either decided that they like it or that it's not for them. That's fair although it would be a mistake to assume that all such groups operate in the same way. And it would also be a mistake to assume that

Am I really 38th out of 100 top finance related tweeters?

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The ICAEW's new membership magazine, Economia, has introduced a novel idea. They have teamed up with PeerIndex to identify and list the "The top most influential Finance accounts on Twitter". And I'm currently ranked at number 38 which is flattering. Sadly though I doubt the veracity of the list and thus can take no real delight

How do you explain twitter to novices?

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A couple of non-tech savvy friends recently confirmed my view about the media stories that reference twitter. "Why would anyone get involved with that stuff?" they asked. They were visibly shocked to learn that I was 'into' twitter and that I help accountants to understand this 'new' facility. I offered to explain. I knew there

How accountants should choose their twitter handle

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In my last blog post I suggested that accountants who tweet using their firm's name are missing a trick. Twitter is a social media platform that is suited to building personal engagement. It is less effective when used as a broadcast media and this is typically what we expect of and experience with corporate twitter

Networking – what’s not to like?

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Yesterday's short intro seminar on 'Networking for accountants who don't like networking' seemed to be well received. Much of the content was drawn from my previous talks on the subject of Networking - and from the related posts on this blog. I did however update the slides and add one under the title: 'What's not

6 Client fundamentals

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The following six 'client fundamentals' are highlighted in Robert Craven's book: Grow your service firm. I've added my interpretation of each of them in square brackets. 1 - Don't waste my time [Don't keep me waiting at the start of scheduled meetings. Also when explaining issues, in writing or face to face. Doctors manage well

What’s your approach to the provision of business advice?

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When it comes to the provision of business advice, I've previously suggested that accountants serving business clients, fall into one of four categories: 1 - It's a no-go area: The accountant's business experience is limited and perhaps they don't feel that confident with the idea of providing business advice. 2 - Personal experience: The accountant

How to ‘accidentally’ gain sales from networking

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Few ambitious accountants have ever chosen a career in sales. And yet, almost all accountants need to be able to generate income. Inevitably that income will come from clients and you will have some, possibly a large, responsibility for helping to generate those 'sales'. My friend, Richard White, describes those of us who are in this

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