How accountants can take control of their career success

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Duncan Brodie is a former Finance Director who helps accountants build successful careers. I've known him a while and feel his views are worth sharing here. Duncan's views will be especially helpful to you if you are nearly or recently qualified.  As he explains: Once upon a time a professional accounting qualification almost guaranteed that

10 tips to help you reduce debtor days and lock up

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When I was first in practice the normal practice for accountants was to issue invoices after doing the work and then to provide clients with a further 30 days (or more) credit. I now encourage my sole practitioner clients to move away from this historic approach. One sole practitioner accountant recently told me that,


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For Acccountants For Other Advisers Stop seeming to the same as everyone else who does what you do . Be better remembered referred and recommended Get your free copy of The 7 Key ways to Stand Out from your peers NOW! First Name: Email:

New hologram support service for accountants

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Press Release Renowned accountants' mentor and commentator, Mark Lee, has teamed up with a Tokyo University for what he is calling an outsourcing knowledge experiment. This new service is quite distinct from Microsoft's recently announced holoportation which uses different technology. Using a simpler Japanese originated smartphone app, accountants will be able to have a hologram

STAND OUT Christmas greetings

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I tried to do something different this year. Like many others I stopped sending cards to everyone a while back.    These days cards sent with a personal message can STAND OUT positively as they are now much less common than once was the case. Some cards and messages specifically STAND OUT. I remember one

5 tips from Stephen Lansdown’s entry on The Accountancy Rich List 2015

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I was intrigued by elements of the Accountancy Rich List 2015 published by economia magazine. The magazine itself, as distinct from the online list, contains pen portraits of ten of those on the list, described as "inspiring entrepreneurial chartered accountants". In each case a sentence or quote has been given explaining 'How he made it".

How I manage my time on social media each week

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How long do you need to spend on social media to build up a decent following, contribute effectively and secure a good level of engagement? I'm not sure much has changed over the years since I started to use social media in 2006. The answers to those questions depend on your reasons for getting involved

Pricing for profit – who’s charging what?

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At this week's meeting of the Inner Circle, members shared their approach to pricing 6 specific client situations. A variety of distinct entrepreneurial approaches became apparent during the round-table discussion. In a clear sign of the times, none of the members referenced time-based fees or timesheets. Most members quoted monthly fee rates, or annual fees

Website and blog stats review 2014

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This will be the third time I have posted an annual review of my website and blog stats. It’s as much for posterity as it is for those who may be interested in such things. The 2013 review can be found here>>> Once again, visitor numbers and blog posts read are all significantly up on

2014 – Highlights of my professional year

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In my last email newsletter of the year I promised to post here a summary of my highlights and what I have achieved and shared in 2014. January - Started researching and planning the launch of what became The Inner Circle for Accountants February - Appointed Treasurer of The Magic Circle. Very proud. Have been

What is Mark Lee doing now?

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This blog normally contains advice and insights to help readers. Every now and then I use it to share something more personal – for example, so that I have a record of related stats. This time I am answering a question I am often asked: “What are you doing now?” Since 2006 I have pursued a

My favourite twitter tools

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I received a tweeted message from ‘twopcharts London’ on 6 July notifying me that it was the 6th anniversary of the day I joined twitter. This led me to check out ‘twopcharts‘ which was where the message originated. Despite my continued ambivalence about the business benefits of twitter I continue to be an active and

Linkedin and Facebook. What’s the difference?

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A trainee accountant I know had just heard that I'd been speaking about Linkedin at an accountancy firm's away day. He was amazed that a firm would need this as, in his words, "Linkedin is just like Facebook isn't it?" This is a common misconception, fuelled in part by surveys and articles that reference Linkedin

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