Happy new year – be careful what you wish for

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I'm not one for making annual new year resolutions - or indeed 'predictions'. Indeed, rather than risk 'predictions' for 2008 I offer instead three of my hopes for the new year, that Accountants will: 1 - earn more money by advising their clients about their menu pricing models - so that clients know they'll pay

Tax Advice Network

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Last month I posted less frequently on this blog than usual. My focus was on the launch of a new business venture - an additional service to those I provide to support ambitious professionals. The Tax Advice Network has a clear focus on accountants in general practice although others may find it of interest too.

What sort of advice do you give? Specialist, Compliance or Dangerous? (part two)

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In yesterday's blog I described what I see as the three categories of advice that best describe the approach of many professional advisers. The third category I described was 'dangerous' and I explained that advisers giving dangerous advice, normally do so as they are what we might term 'unconscious incompetents'. That is they are unaware

What sort of advice do you give? Specialist, Compliance or Dangerous? (part one)

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What would be the impact on your practice if a client alleged that you had been negligent? It's not something that anyone wants to consider, of course.Often such allegations lead to complaints that result in investigations and disciplinary proceedings, or a professional indemnity insurance claim – whether justified or not. All such eventualities invariably result

Tax Careers

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I've been looking at the stats for this blog and noticed that a number of people are directed here because they are searching for information about 'tax careers'. This posting therefore seeks to provide some useful pointers. If you are new to the world of tax and/or are looking to move to or from the

Webcasts for tax advisers

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I was flattered to be asked to record the first ever webcasts for the Chartered Accountants' Tax Faculty last week. You can now see them by clicking where it says Tax Faculty. Many of the points coverd in the webcasts are easily adapted to other types of professional services and advice work. The webcasts, which

HMRC Interventions (updated)

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Another year, another controversial issue for accountants and tax advisers. For reasons best known to themselves HMRC decided to press ahead with their interventions project last month. This is despite the severe misgivings expressed by the professional bodies, the wholly inadequate consideration given to a range of practical consequences and the complete absence of legal

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