Do you take your own advice?

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I don't recall ever seeing a cobbler's children running around without shoes. But I understand the old adage. Their father was typically too busy fixing his customer's shoes such that his children had to go barefoot. Perhaps it is for similar reasons that many accountants leave their own annual accounts and tax returns to the

Are accountants the new bogeymen?

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Were you as angry as I was at the headlines and media focus on a clearly misguided element of the latest report by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)? Committee chairman Margaret Hodge said accountants seconded to government represented a "ridiculous conflict of interest" that should be ended. She had clearly made up her mind based on no real evidence

Mourning the death of Tax Facts

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There needs to be a special reason to give over this blog to someone else's words. This is one such occasion. It's important for accountants to be able to debate the tax news stories of the moment with confidence and conviction - based on the facts. This has become increasingly difficult in recent months, as

8 Misconceptions about Limited Liability Partnerships

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At Accountex friends of mine conducted a straw poll of attendees to ascertain attitudes to advising on Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs). The straw poll was related to a project to which I have leant some support. The results were not wholly surprising but do reveal continued misconceptions and fear of the unknown: LLPs are perceived to

Accountants discouraged by ICAEW from advising on aggressive tax schemes

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Although Tax Avoidance is no longer headline news we continue to see the repercussions of recent media stories. Last week I referenced the comments of the CIOT President. He suggested that there may be a need to consider toughening up the financial services mis-selling rules to attack the promoters and sellers of tax schemes that have no real prospect

Do you ensure your clients get the best advice or just your advice?

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Accountants are naturally cautious about involving third party advisers. They don’t want to be forced to bill their clients more than last year. They also don’t want to bear the cost of seeking a second opinion. This atitude means that some accountants muddle along and avoid admitting to clients that they have limited experience in

The advisers’ guide to HMRC products

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As a long time supporter of the excellent work done by LITRG I'm pleased to note that they have recently launched for accountants and other advisers. This new website is designed to provide advisers with access to the latest information on various HMRC 'products', including tax credits, child benefit and guardian’s allowance, national minimum

Tax specialists leaving general practice accountancy firms

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I've commented before on the challenges that face accountancy firms that look to recruit their first full time dedicated tax partner. Recently I heard about an unexpected development - Tax specialists leaving general practice accountancy firms. It's a sign of the times. The reasons vary but include: Tax partners' reluctance to promote dubious tax schemes

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