Your service is not unique but you are

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Years ago I became quite attached to the idea of identifying UPBs (Unique Perceived Benefits). I preferred this approach of looking at the provision of services from the client's viewpoint rather than trying to identify a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). More recently though I have realised that it is all but impossible for any

What are the key statistics for your accountancy firm website?

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What follows is controversial as it challenges the conventional wisdom shared by many website designers and content marketers. I have long felt that a great deal of the generic advice you hear and see all over the web is misleading. I have explained before that: Only one website metric really matters to accountants. And that is, for

The 7 ways you can Keep In Touch with clients and contacts

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Accountants who want to stand out as caring and being interested in their clients know that they should Keep In Touch ('KIT').  You also need a KIT routine if you want to be able to rely on business contacts and influencers to introduce new clients to you. If we don’t keep in touch we

I’m not boring but my firm is. What should I do?

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I was recently asked by an accountant whether it matters that his firm has a boring website and boring branding? The individual in question does not come across as boring themselves. In typical accountancy fashion, I responded: 'It depends...'. I believe that firms that are keen to attract business from people who search online

How do you reply when asked: What do you do?

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Many accountants adopt one of two distinct styles when talking about what they do for a living. Most are almost apologetic when answering the question: "What do you do?" Experience has taught them that admitting they are an accountant may generate a dismissive or negative reply. Those accountants who have attended formulaic networking groups adopt

Beware the marketing bullies

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Regular readers will know that on this blog I share, what I hope is, constructive unbiased advice for accountants in practice. After I spoke at the recent Accountex exhibition and conference I was touched to be complimented a number of times on the style and content of my talks – which echoes the approach I

The end of accountants?

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In early 2013 Professor Richard Susskind published a new book, 'Tomorrow's lawyers'. This included some updated observations of the views expressed in his previous book, published in 2008: The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services. As I share many of Professor Susskind's views I thought I would pick out one theme for this blog.

Stop talking about your USP – it’s the same as other accountants

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I'm often struck by the difficulty many accountants have when trying to identify what's special about their firm or practice. Many assume that they do nothing different to any other accountant. Others have been persuaded they need to claim to have a USP.  But, when asked, most accountants make the same claims about their

No one cares HOW you do what you do

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Can you imagine what would happen if you explained to a prospective client or advocate HOW you do what you do? We complete client's tax returns using the latest software programme from ABC company; We use the tax research books published by [name of publishing house]; Our staff have all been trained by [name of

Five ways general practice accountants can choose a niche

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It is generally accepted these days that you will benefit more from advertising, marketing, networking and referrals if you focus on a recognisable niche.  Let everyone else continue trying to be all things to all people. But, if you are like most accountants in practice you don't think you have a specialist focus. You

Are we undermining the meaning of the word ‘specialise’?

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I saw an advert recently for the Daily Telegraph's jobs board. It claims them to be "Specialists in your Industry". Er, no they aren't. They can't be. They may 'cover' every industry. They may have vacancies or jobs for people in "every" (or, more likely, simply 'most') industries. But, by definition, they cannot be