What I like about Linkedin endorsements

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It's hard to find anyone with a good word to say about Linkedin endorsements. I have been very critical of them myself. In this post I will summarise what the fuss is all about, share some related tips and then end by explaining what I like about the facility. What is all the fuss

I have thousands of Linkedin connections – so what?

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How did I get to have so many connections and does it mean anything? The first thing to stress is that I don't seek out or accept random connections. If anyone within my target audience sectors asks to connect with me, I agree and often send a personal note back. I also often send

Social Media Policies for accountants – update

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I have heard a number of stories about firms of accountants trying to limit their staff (and partners') access to social media sites. This is generally based on fear of the unknown. The motives may also be driven by misconceptions drawn from misleading, inaccurate or simply ill-informed media reports and references to twitter, facebook and

Ten clues your Linkedin profile is boring

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Here's a quick checklist to review in case your Linkedin profile is giving the impression that you are boring. That will certainly the case if your profile matches all ten! Photo: None or one of you sitting at a desk.  Note the additional prominence given to photos in the 'new look' profile layouts. Headline: Accountant.

Why consistency is important on social media

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Most accountants who become active on social media do so in the hope of attracting more clients. If this is your intention or you want to evidence your credibility, I suggest that you adopt a consistent business focus across your websites, blogs, online networking and contributions to business forums. It also helps to show that

How accountants can use Linkedin groups

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There are thousands of Groups on Linkedin and some are of more value to accountants than others. If you scroll down someone's profile on Linkedin you can see the Groups to which they belong. 'Belong' - the list doesn't reveal whether they are active in those groups, or indeed whether anyone is active there. It

A dozen key tips for your Linkedin profile

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I've been advocating Linkedin as a key online networking opportunity for accountants and other busy professionals for a few years now. I've realised something important was missing though: A post containing my tips and advice for someone who would benefit from enhancing their profile to make it work for them. This is all simple stuff

20 tips re Linkedin for accountancy firms – vs individual accountants

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I once wrote a Handbook on using Linkedin for a larger company that has many such handbooks recording their processes and systems. It was a fascinating experience. In researching available Linkedin advice and tips I found very little that was aimed at or relevant to business owners. The same is true for accountancy firms that

How one UK accountant uses Linkedin

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When I write and speak about accountants and social media I always make the point that Linkedin is different. It's the only online networking site where you can get some benefit simply by having your profile there, even if you're not active. But of course you can also choose to be active on LinkedIn. One

Further ways for accountants to benefit from LinkedIn

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I have blogged various thoughts on this topic over the last few months. Here are three more ways accountants can benefit from using LinkedIn: Be the Conductor - Your client wants to raise finance, perhaps through Venture Capital. Maybe you could do with better contacts in this area? LinkedIn can provide those contacts and introductions. 

More LinkedIn opportunities for accountants

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This short series started with extracts from my talks on social media for accountants. One reader and contributor is Phil Richards who shared some further ideas as to how accountants can benefit from LinkedIn. Rather than add them as comments on earlier posts, I've extended the blog series. So here are three more: Central point

LinkedIn for accountants – What makes it different?

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LinkedIn is a ‘Business’ networking website. I’m always amused when commentators describe it in the same breath as ‘social’ networks. I think this confuses people who are unfamiliar with them and assume that LinkedIn is a variation on facebook and twitter for example. A more accurate collective noun is ‘online networks’. LinkedIn is probably the