Make it easier for prospective clients to choose YOU

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Ask ten accountants how they secure most of their new clients and at least eight will say referrals and recommendations. Sometimes this is because they have a good flow of new clients and/or have actively cultivated and encouraged such mentions among clients and contacts. Mostly though it is because they don't actually secure many

Using social media and Linkedin for business and not just fun

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Have you ever thought you 'should' be doing more on social media and on Linkedin, but are not sure how or what to do? Or maybe you are very active online but are not getting the business benefits you really want? Are you envious or skeptical about the the results others appear to be

Beware of this trap if you use social media as an accountant

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Accountants may not always be who they say they are online. If ever accountants needed proof that different social media platforms attract different people I think we now have it. A recent report in The Times revealed something quite shocking about the hashtag accountants. On reading this I then referenced the report on Linkedin

Debunked: The ‘one thing’ you MUST do. There are 5 if you really want to be successful

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A popular approach to getting your attention (and often your money) is to tell you that there is ‘one thing’ you must do to achieve your ambitions and succeed. I see this all over the place, in blogs, articles, videos and social media posts. Those who suggest there is just 'one thing'

The marketing distractions accountants should avoid

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Before setting out those marketing distractions that I believe accountants should avoid I need to offer some context. Over 20 years ago, the start of the century(!) was when I began presenting talks to accountants about practice related matters. I quickly learned to avoid any mention of the M-word as, back then,

Improving the first impression of your online and website profiles

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I have never ‘swiped’ someone’s profile picture, as online dating didn’t exist when I met my wife in the 1980s. The whole concept of swiping is quite alien to me. I was curious though, so a while back, I asked a single friend to show me how the ‘swipe left’ and ‘swipe

6 ways you can stop making the same mistakes on social media as everyone else

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Regular readers will know that I am both very active on social media and highly ranked for my online influence (such as it is!) Equally you will also know that I do not routinely encourage accountants to use social media for promotional and marketing purposes. And I challenge the apparent evidence and arguments

Bad advice for accountants that makes me cross

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These days it typically takes a lot to get me cross. But one thing that really winds me up is the continuing wave of advice to accountants generally, telling them to do stuff that doesn't work for everyone and is especially inappropriate for most sole practitioners. This is quite different from the advice that

“How can I use social media to promote my accountancy business?”

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There are two types of accountants who use social media and Linkedin.  Those who understand what works and those who have bought into the hype and hope that what they do will work. The vast majority of  accountants who use social media and Linkedin seem to be in that second category. Often

What can accountants do on Linkedin?

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This was the headline to a question I was asked recently. I have summarised the question below and expanded on my reply and advice as this may help other accountants too. Question How can accountants use LinkedIn for marketing purpose? I have a company page, I have a profile, I am in

Short term or long term marketing?

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What's more important to you? To spend time on promotional activities that don't seem to cost anything or to get cost-effective results from promoting your services to people who you know are looking for someone like you? Many accountants, bookkeepers and tax advisers spend time on various social media platforms, on Linkedin

How much personality should sole practitioners put into their practice?

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I was asked two related questions during a recent interview. This post is drawn from the notes I made before giving my answers on air. 1. With so many businesses competing with each other online, has it become more important to put more personality into your practice? The smaller your practice the more important

The 3 factors that will determine your social media success

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It’s all too easy to get caught up in the game of chasing followers, likes, connections and social media klout. It may be fun to keep track of these metrics and to keep increasing them. But, in real life, they are not important by themselves. There is little point in simply pursuing these metrics.

My Linkedin ‘Pom-Pon’ stick

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I'm a big fan of Linkedin as it can be a very effective online business networking tool. I always wince when I hear it being spoken of as a social networking site in the same breath as facebook, twitter and pinterest. It's quite distinct and, in my experience, is generally used in a very

How accountants can use Linkedin groups

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There are thousands of Groups on Linkedin and some are of more value to accountants than others. If you scroll down someone's profile on Linkedin you can see the Groups to which they belong. 'Belong' - the list doesn't reveal whether they are active in those groups, or indeed whether anyone is active there. It

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