4 accountants respond to a prospect’s initial enquiry

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On one of the business networks I follow a member recently asked for a recommendation to a down-to-earth, friendly, non-judgemental, accountant.  He explained his requirements in a little more detail - but not much, although he did state: "To be ABSOLUTELY clear, I am NOT looking for someone who has intentions of turning me

Client testimonials: Why they are important (part two)

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I introduced this topic in a previous posting on this blog so will avoid repeating the points I made last time. Recommendations, referrals and testimonials are among the most effective ways for ambitious professionals to establish their credibility. In an ideal world prospective clients would seek recommendations and referrals from trusted friends and family.

How can you stand out from the rest of the pack?

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I have just watched an old video clip of the professional services firm guru, David Maister, in which he highlights the six most scarce resources in most professional service firms: Energy Excitement Enthusiasm Determination Passion Ambition David also points out that his research has proved that the top achieving firms are those that energise, excite

Do you suffer from premature evaluation?

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I've mentioned my friend Richard White before. I've just read a piece on his blog that reinforces the advice I give in my talk on How to make more profits from your smaller clients. It also relates very closely to this previous posting of mine along similar lines last August. Below I've taken Richard's analogy

Is your firm ambitious?

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As you know my focus is very much on helping ambitious professionals and ambitious professional firms.  I've been asked whether I can define such a firm.  Dare I say it's a bit like a meteor - easy to recognise but not so easy to describe in detail. My dictionary defines 'ambition' as a strong desire

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