Why you should stop trying to build brand awareness for your firm

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My advice here re building and promoting your firm's brand is controversial. And of course there will be some exceptions. But I would urge you to read this post with an open mind before deciding whether or not YOUR firm really is one of those exceptions. Let's start with ten top accountancy brands. As

How accountants can win the recruitment challenge

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Many accountants, even in the smallest of firms are keen to recruit the right people. In our mentoring conversations we will often discuss what type of person and experience is really needed and where compromises may be necessary. Often the upshot is a candidate profile that is more relevant and and easier right find

Solving your recruitment and resourcing challenges

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The biggest issue facing accountants in practice these days isn't the rise of robo-accountants, AI or cloud computing. The challenge that seems to hold many firms back is the same old chestnut it's always been. It's the difficulty in finding good people to join the firm. Almost every week I get approached by the

Filling vacancies at professional firms (part two)

By |2019-04-16T10:02:34+01:00November 7th, 2007|Accountants, Recruitment|

Since posting the first part of this blog on filling vacancies at professional firms I have been delighted by the general agreement that has met my observations. I have also received a number of requests to share what I think could be included on professional firms' websites to attract the best candidates. And let's

Five steps to winning the war for talent (part one)

By |2019-04-16T10:03:40+01:00September 2nd, 2007|Recruitment|

Accountancy firms and other professional service firms have long been competing in what has become known as the 'war for talent'. I've never liked this epithet but the only alternative one hears (the 'battle for talent') also sounds as if it belongs in a bygone era and is more relevant to the armed forces than

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