Seth Godin steps into the time vs value billing debate

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Seth Godin is renowned for his pithy and thought provoking blog posts and books.  His most recent post is a new (to me) way of looking at the age-old 'time vs value based' billing argument: "Long work is what the lawyer who bills 14 hours a day filling in forms does. Hard work is what

What is ‘Cheap accounting’ all about?

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I wonder how many readers of this blog had heard of Elaine Clark before I awarded her the 'best overnight budget summary' last week? Elaine qualified as a chartered accountant in 1988 and now and runs one of the fastest growing online accountancy practices in the UK. She established it in 2007 and has a

Quote: January was hell – and it was my own fault

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An accountant I was chatting with recently made this astonishing admission. I have to admit I was surprised by his honesty and self awareness. Most accountants blame their clients for ignoring requests to produce their papers in good time to avoid a last minute rush before the 31 January filing deadline for personal tax returns.

Billing attitudes to quicky items of advice

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The Tax Advice Network includes a private forum area where the tax adviser members can discuss and share ideas and issues. No one else can see or take part. A recent discussion concerned how different tax advisers deal with calls that only take 10 or 15 minutes.  A number of different views were expressed. My

Who bears the cost of new efiling rules?

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As software evolves to meet new legislative requirements so accountants assume this will be built into the price they pay for their software. There is little prospect of accountants asking clients to pay extra - or of them securing additional fees if they did ask! Equally, accountants will not willingly pay extra for updates of

Lessons for accountants from….dentists

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A number of people have mentioned in conversation recently how much it costs to go to the dentist.  In each case their dentists are getting close to retirement and their longstanding patients are stating to look for someone new. The patients are shocked at how much more they have to pay their new dentist. Their

Easyjet pricing by accountants

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Anyone who has heard me speak recently will recall my encouragement to review the way in which fees are set. I've also posted numerous previous items on this subject.  A summary and link to them all is included in this one: Negotiating fees when times are tough. I've just had a call from an accountant who

Negotiating fees when times are tough

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I've written a number of previous posts on related subjects and thought it would be useful to provide a one stop link to each of them: I think there are 4 different scenarios where it may be necessary to negotiate fees for your services: The annual fees you charge to existing clients; The additional

Setting fee rates – using costs incurred or value provided?

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Pricing the work that we do for clients is never easy.  When I worked for larger firms many years ago fees were determined by reference to 'costs on the clock' - ie: the aggregate of staff and partner time costs as measured by timesheets.  Charge out rates were commonly set at about three times the

How to quickly lose your newest clients

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Some years ago I read an article that highlights six things that happen all too often when anyone focuses their energy on trying to win new clients at the expense of managing the relationship with newly won clients. The author explained how easy it is to fall into each of these six traps: Once you sign

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