Accountants need to show they really are business advisers

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I've just been reading in Accountancy Age about how a senior official at HSBC considers that Accountants are better at advising distressed businesses than are banks. Piyali Williams, head of professional proposition at HSBC is reported to have also said that: "Accountants are in a better position than banks... We've always viewed them [accountants] and

Become a rainmaker for your practice

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The term 'rainmaker' means different things to different people. In professional service firms it tends to be used to refer to a partner who brings in lots of fees. In some firms the rainmaker has no other repsonsibilities. This is increasingly unusual however. In my role as the Accountants' Business Coach I have often used

Strong technical skills are not enough

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Taxation 2 Magazine often includes useful tips for ambitious (tax) professionals. Most of the time these are relevant to a wider audience too. The current issue (7/9/07) contains an excellent piece by Sheila Mandel of BLT in which she notes that "The emphasis on marketing and relationship building has resulted in the existence of (and

Memories of being mentored

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Mentoring seems to be flavour of the month all of a sudden. I was approached today by a journalist who wanted a quote from someone with experience of the traditional internal style of mentoring that some larger firms provide. Here's what I said: ” As a junior partner many years ago I was allocated