What’s the first thing you need to find out from a new client?

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When you are approached by a prospective new client it is tempting to simply give them what they say they want. Most often this will be a fee quote to help them with their annual compliance obligations. As this area of work becomes more commoditised so you need to distinguish yourself from other accountants.

Not all Accountants are business advisers

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AccountingWeb recently ran a series of articles about accountants as business advisers. My contribution as Consultant Practice Editor approached the subject from an unusual angle. There is already plenty of material that seeks to persuade accountants that they need to become better business advisers, and how they could do this. My article was titled:

Good agendas for client meetings

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Many of us attend meetings of various clubs, societies and professional committees. Invariably someone will have produced an agenda for the meeting. Why? More to the point, why are agendas the exception rather than the rule when accountants are meeting with clients? Agendas are typically prepared so that meetings will be run more efficiently.

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