How many of the 5 types of advisory services can you provide to clients?

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Most smaller practitioners are focused on offering a compliance focused service to clients. Lots of people are saying you must start offering advisory services; and plenty of accountants think they already do this to a degree. In my talks I often reference 5 types of non-compliance service and how it will take

The real reasons you need to do business advice properly

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Why are so many consultants telling accountants that they need to start providing advisory services to clients? You've been doing this for years haven't you? Or else your clients don't want, don't need or can't afford to pay for such services.     Hmm. Have you really been doing this for years? I know many

What are you doing about your clients’ uncertainty about the future?

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When I talk with accountants, which I do a lot, I often sense an unspoken concern about increased ‘uncertainty’ in their world. It is clear to me that many business clients are uncertain, many private clients are uncertain and also many accountants themselves are uncertain. Business clients They are uncertain about future sales and

Where will accountants operate from in the future?

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I was interviewed recently for a magazine piece about longer-term trends and changes in the accountancy profession. In this blog post I share my thoughts on one of the topics we discussed. Where will accountants operate from in the future? The options at the moment tend to be high street office, above a shop, off

The end of accountants?

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In early 2013 Professor Richard Susskind published a new book, 'Tomorrow's lawyers'. This included some updated observations of the views expressed in his previous book, published in 2008: The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services. As I share many of Professor Susskind's views I thought I would pick out one theme for this blog.

Protecting the title ‘accountant’ would be counter-productive

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Although qualified accountants are aware that anyone can call themselves an ‘accountant’ I find that very few ‘real’ people appreciate this fact. They tend to assume accountants are like dentists, doctors and solicitors. If only that were the case! It is precisely because of this confusion that various groups of accountants campaign to secure

Why do accountants resist early change?

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I was reflecting on this idea the other day. The MD of a big IT software supplier was telling me how surprised he was that so many accountants had yet to pick up on the new obligations to file iXBRL tagged accounts. This will be relevant to all accounts filed from April 2011 re

The future of compliance services for accountants

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Many commentators seem almost contemptuous when talking about accountants who focus on the provision of compliance services. We’re told that fees are being forced down and that firms that focus only on compliance services face an uncertain future. I’m not sure I agree. If you have an established practice and know your clients well,

The future of auditing and assurance services

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At a recent ICAEW conference on the future of auditing I realised how what was once a traditional service provided by most accountants, is almost extinct. It won’t die out completely but it’s certainly becoming more specialised as the number of companies requiring audits has fallen dramatically in recent years. And that trend is set