Can you express your strengths as impactful insights – or do you sound just like every other accountant?

Sep 6, 2023 | Business development

A common mistake made by lots of accountants is to accept the common assumption that accountants are pretty much interchangeable. This is a common misconception based largely, I think, on the fact that the output of an accountant’s work is often pretty much the same in terms of accounts and tax returns.

If you don’t challenge this idea you are making it MUCH harder for yourself to win the sort of work that you want.

The good news is that every accountant I know has a distinct personality, style, attitude and approach, borne of different choices, experiences, style, preferences, and so on.  These will also have given you a different level of skill and distinct ways in which you apply such skills to benefit your clients.

The key, I have long believed, is to evidence the value of these differences to prospective clients and introducers. In so doing you will make it more likely that you will be better remembered, referred and recommended.

What I’m talking about here is how effectively you share YOUR insights.

Your insights, in this context, are more than just your knowledge; they are your unique perspectives drawn from your strengths and experiences. They represent the distilled wisdom you’ve gained during your career to date.

So let’s explore how expressing your knowledge and strengths as impactful insights can make you more interesting, memorable, and highly recommended in your professional circle.

Capturing Interest and Credibility

When you start communicating through the lens of insights, something remarkable happens — you build credibility with potential clients and introducers. Imagine two LinkedIn profiles: one filled with insightful content and another with endless selfies. The former is undoubtedly more appealing because it showcases your understanding of the industry and your ability to contribute meaningfully.

By offering relevant insights, you demonstrate that you comprehend the challenges and intricacies of your clients’ worlds. This not only captures their interest but also solidifies your position as a credible expert.

Boosting Confidence and Combatting Imposter Syndrome

Many accountants grapple with “Imposter Syndrome.” It’s that nagging feeling of inadequacy despite your qualifications and experience. However, expressing your insights can help you break free from this self-doubt. Instead of obsessing over how valuable you are, you begin to appreciate the value you bring.

As you share insights rooted in your strengths, you gain a profound sense of self-assurance. You recognise that your unique perspective is a genuine asset—one that sets you apart in a sea of professionals.

Building Connections with Like-Minded Individuals

Insights also serve as a filter that separates potential clients, introducers and collaborators who share your values and approach, from those who do not. When you express your distinctive insights, you naturally attract individuals and organisations that resonate with your perspective. This paves the way for more meaningful and productive relationships.

Transforming Advocates into Ambassadors

Your insights aren’t confined to your own communication. Others can also share and advocate for your insights. When you express your strengths through impactful insights, you empower your colleagues, clients, or partners to become ambassadors for your expertise.

People naturally gravitate towards insights because they add depth and value to conversations. When others share your insights, they essentially open doors for you, expanding your professional reach and influence.

Elevating Negotiations and Value Recognition

When opportunities come your way, expressing insights gives you a strong foundation for negotiation. Instead of justifying your worth based on your years of experience or qualifications, you can draw upon the compelling factors underpinning your insights.

For instance, you can highlight the risks associated with inadequate investment in your services. This shift in perspective enables you to negotiate from a position of strength, emphasising the unique value you bring to the table.

Creating a Cohesive Team Culture

Insights aren’t solely beneficial for you as an individual; they’re equally potent in shaping team dynamics. Leaders who encourage the expression and sharing of insights foster a strong team culture. Unlike leaders driven solely by ego, those who embrace insights create a sense of belonging and purpose among team members.

This team cohesion becomes even more critical in virtual or hybrid work environments, where shared insights and approaches can be powerful binding forces.


If you can effectively express your strengths as impactful insights you may find this to be a game-changer when it comes to the conversations you have with introducers, prospective clients and networking contacts (on and offline).

Done well this will enable you to better capture interest, build credibility, boost confidence, form meaningful connections, transform advocates into ambassadors, negotiate effectively, and cultivate a cohesive team culture. By recognising the potential of your insights, you position yourself for greater recognition, referrals, and recommendations—which is clearly a path to greater success in the future.

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