If you had to choose, which three adjectives do you think best describe you, as a person, as an accountant? I doubt you would opt to include ‘Boring’ as one of the three.

It can be quite instructive to write down the three words you choose and then to ask other people how they would describe you too. Ask friends and family – people who will be honest with you; ask business contacts and colleagues too. But bear in mind that some people find it hard to be honest.

The words that appear on these lists of three adjectives will vary enormously. What happens when you compare these lists with your own choice of adjectives?

If no one has suggested the words or characteristics you have chosen then perhaps you need to reflect on the implications.  You could always ask people to indicate what they mean by each of the three adjectives they have chosen. Perhaps they have focused on the same characteristics as those you highlighted, but simply chose a different word to describe this.

You may be lucky and find that no one honestly thinks you are boring. That would be great. And, of course, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.  But if other people do consider you to be ‘Boring’ then you are the only person who can take action to change their perception of you. And it will take time.  Good luck!

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