The other day I was asked the following:

I’ve established a group – no members yet, though I’ve yet to invite them!  What I plan to do initially (and see how it goes) is each month to send out say three topical points – and invite comments.  Is it in order then at the end to give the dates of my next seminars and webinars, for the benefit of anyone who might want to give them a go?  Or is that somehow frowned upon, as advertising?
It was said to me today that it might be.

Can I find ‘the rules of combat’ anywhere?

Here’s my reply:

Must admit I quite like your plan. The KEY is to ensure that members of the group/messages perceive two things:
a) that you are giving away something of value and of interest to them; and
b) that the promo message does not overwhelm the helpful/valuable info.

So 30 lines of useful info (3 x 10) plus 4 lines of promo should be fine.
Whereas 9 lines (3 x 3) of useful info followed by 15 lines of promo would be frowned upon.

There are no rules anywhere. It’s all down to perception and none of us can predict how anyone else will respond/react.

My advice is to adopt a similar approach to what you might do if you wanted to engage with people at a free evening event. If you spend 20 minutes talking about your paid for seminars and just 10 minutes sharing practical points you wouldn’t make any friends. On the other hand if you spent 20 minutes covering practical points and just 5 minutes at the end talking about the paid for seminars no one would complain. Well, some might but you can’t please everyone.  Linkedin is much the same.

Do you have any related tips?

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