Virtual talks for lawyers and other professional advisers

Do you want an inspiring, informed, independent, entertaining and authoritative future-focused speaker to stimulate a partner strategy planning session? Or a firm-wide event?


Way forward

Mark’s talks (whether presented live or virtually), predictions and forecasts are independent of any software or service provider. He typically:


Encourages his professional audiences to recognise the changes that are coming in their profession


Debunks the hype around new tech, apps and the speed of change


Shares a key insight that shocks many professionals when they realise how true it is


Encourages them to consider how they will adapt to thrive in the future


Highlights the Key Business Skills they will need to master to survive and thrive

Even before COVID he recognised that long-term predictions and forecasts need to take second place to the challenges of today and the near future. Once we get beyond the heady excitement about what’s coming down the line, and the new tech and apps we might be using, we must reflect on how this will impact what we do over the next 12-24 months. The immediate future. What do you need to do in the coming months to survive, thrive and succeed into the future.

Help is at hand

If your firm is not fully agreed on the way forward based on a good understanding of the short, medium and long-term impact of new tech, Mark can help. He will ensure that everyone, from the newest to the longest-standing members of  your firm, understand the implications of forthcoming changes and what these mean for the way the firm is run, how you secure and service clients and your approach to recruitment, marketing, networking and referrals?

Mark’s sessions are always popular as he has built a formidable reputation. He may be controversial but he is always enthusiastic and positive. Unlike some other speakers he is not ‘in your face’ or aggressive and never tells audiences what they MUST do differently. Instead he encourages them to choose solutions and ideas that will work for them personally.


Understanding Accountants

More then ten years ago Mark created a unique masterclass for businesses that are keen to secure leads or work from accountants.

He has since been invited to present similar sessions at awaydays and conferences, for NON-accountants, under various titles including:

  • Accountants Debunked – Misconceptions about accountants and how you can really get them to refer clients to you
  • Building profitable relationships with accountants – everything you need to know before you ask for referrals, try to sell to or try to sell through accountants
  • Working with accountants – does your strategy add up?
  • Referrals from accountants
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about accountants….

These days Mark offers a wider range of services to help Accelerate Access to Accountants. In so doing he helps those keen to do business with accountants and reduces the amount of accountants’ time that gets wasted by people who don’t understand them.

Register your Interest

Half – day Masterclass

Please use this form to register your interest and to be notified the next time Mark runs his half-day masterclass. It’s ideal for anyone already or planning to target accountants for business, products, services or referrals.

When you attend the masterclass you  will:

  • Gain insights into the mindset of accountancy practices – both large and small
  • Discover short cuts to speed up your relationship building with accountants
  • Hear honest, practical advice that will save you spending hundreds of hours learning from experience
  • Learn how different approaches work for different types of accountants
  • Practical and commercial solutions to achieve your objectives

The masterclass is run in London, just 3 times a year. Register your interest using this form please. We will then notify you the next time the masterclass is run and you will have the opportunity to book it if you can make the date.


Register your Interest

Is It Right For You?

Over the years Mark has been commended for his keynote speeches and talks at conferences for professional bodies, associations, banks and professional firms. There are dozens of testimonials on this site and over a hundred recommendations on his Linkedin profile.  He has also been applauded for his engaging online style too.