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If it’s not a lack of technical skills that is holding you back…..

Most accountants are justly proud of their technical skills. It is also common to find that some accountants undervalue the importance of ensuring that they have all the business skills they require to be profitable in the short-term and successful in the longer-term. What’s your position? Are you

Could your complacency cost you your future?

My conversations with sole practitioner accountants over the years suggest that many are happy enough once their practice is generating sufficient income for them. They have reached the stage where they feel comfortable, some might say, complacent. To the outsider the practice, the business, has plateaued. 'Happy

By |September 3rd, 2019|Accountants, Future, Strategy|

Being Known, Liked and Trusted is not sufficient. There are 5 steps in the chain.

You have probably heard the old networking idea that it's important to help people get to know, like and trust you.  Only then will they buy from you. Only then will they even consider becoming your client. This idea originated in the book ‘Endless Referrals', written by Bob

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