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Don’t make this marketing mistake especially if you are reliant on referrals

I am frequently surprised when apparently successful accountants tell me that they know they should start being active on social media. And that they want to beef up their marketing activity. Both such aspirations typically reflect a belief in the mystical power of generic marketing and the

What do you REALLY need to sell as an accountant?

What do you really need to sell as an accountant? This is a simple enough question, and knowing the right answer could make a profound difference to the success of your practice. Let’s start with what you’re NOT selling. As I explained in a 2018 blog post, You

4 questions that will help you identify the value you really deliver to your clients

How do you evidence your value to prospective clients? You need to be able to do this effectively if you want to charge more than the absolute minimum for your services. This is a key part of promoting and pitching your services. Your promotional and marketing messages

6 ways you can stop making the same mistakes on social media as everyone else

Regular readers will know that I am both very active on social media and highly ranked for my online influence (such as it is!) Equally you will also know that I do not routinely encourage accountants to use social media for promotional and marketing purposes. And I

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