I rarely use this blog to advertise my business activities. But this is a special occasion.

The Inner Circle helps accountants build a more successful practice.
Priorities –> Progress –> Profits

Over the last few years I have spent much time participating in and facilitating groups of tax experts and of entrepreneurs. In fact, when I checked back I realised I started running such groups back in 2001!

More recently I have had plenty of requests from accountants who have wanted to work with me. To date the only option was mentoring which some consider to be quite pricey.

Away from 1-2-1 mentoring I really enjoy the stimulation and idea generation that comes from running a group of people who are keen to resolve similar issues. And it was this idea that led to the creation of The Inner Circle for Accountants.

It’s exclusive (no more than 20 accountants in the group), it includes regular 1-2-1 calls with me and it’s London based initially – though I hope to be able to replicate the concept around the country later in the year.

Before launching The Inner Circle I sought feedback and expressions of interest through my weekly newsletter. This enabled me to ensure that it will satisfy a need and provide forward thinking accountants with a fantastic new resource and facility. One that has been proven to work in all sorts of other business contexts. So far as I am aware, no one has previously attempted this with a group of accountants.  I am committed to the success of The Inner Circle so I invite you to check it out and let me have your feedback and expressions of interest.

You want to develop your practice? You have challenges to overcome? You want more of the right clients? Whatever your issues or dreams The Inner Circle can help.

The following links should tell you all you need to know: