I recently became aware of Accounting for International Development (www.afid.org.uk) and thought I would provide it with some much needed publicity via my blog. It’s a good cause and any accountants who get involved may find this helps them to evidence that they are not boring. Indeed, as I frequently point out: Boring is Optional

Accounting for International Development was set up in 2009 in order to enable volunteer accountants to pass on their skills to charities in the developing world. This helps in many ways, the 2 most obvious ways being:

  1. Transparent accounts make a small charity more attractive to a large international donor organisation, and
  2.  Greater efficiency and financial sustainability means more good work can be done.

In reality this can equate to more vulnerable women being taken in by a refuge in Nepal, or more people living with HIV/AIDs receiving medical care in rural Tanzania.

I cam across a fascinating case study of one of their volunteers, National Audit Office principal auditor  Jonathan Broadley.

Jonathan believed strongly that for aid to really work the recipient organisation needs the financial capacity to achieve its social objectives. He approached Accounting for International Development (A f I D) as he was keen to share his experience with an overseas non-profit organisation and help to develop its current system of financial controls, enabling them to better serve their community….>>>> More Here

Individually tailored assignments of between 2 weeks & 12 months form part of an ongoing strategy to build the financial management capacity of charities around the world. You could be budgeting with a street kid centre in Kampala, coaching a hospital bookkeeper in Kigali, financial reporting for a primary school in Kathmandu or mentoring an international NGO’s new FC in Khartoum – You choose.

AfID have arranged assignments for over 300 accountants from 26 nations who have given over 50,000 hours of support to 144 charities in 28 countries across the world.

Do check out the charity’s website even if you are not currently able to assist. They run an email notifier system to keep supporters informed of upcoming opportunities.