I recently included the following note in my monthly newsletter for accountants and their clients:


I’ve been writing and advising accountants about their websites for some time now and have accumulated an enormous amount of tips, ideas and knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. I have also been researching ways in which accountants are making money directly through their websites and using them to provide an enhanced level of service to their clients.

Much of what I have written is available on my blog for ambitious professionals.

The simple truth however is that most accountants have simply done one of four things. Either they have:

  • created their own amateur looking website;
  • got a professional looking website that doesn’t work for them;
  • got a template website that looks much like many others;
  • yet to get a website.

Although website critiquing is not a mainstream activity for me I am happy to do this and can provide a tailored, practical and focused critique on request. It costs much less than you might expect and will highlight both the quick and easy things you can do as well as those that may require an investment of time and money to generate a positive return. If you want to ensure that your website works for you, then ask me about my Website Appraisal Critique for Accountants.


Mark AT BookMarkLee.co.uk or telephone 0845 003 8780 (local rate number – Tax Advice Network)