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Brains Trust.

Improving your profits without making big changes

One of the most common challenges you face running your own practice is how to generate more profits. You probably know the theory behind what this would involve but it all seems too much of a challenge. So you continue doing what you’ve always done. And nothing much changes.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Many accountants have identified tools, techniques and solutions that you can also use to improve the profitability of your practice without making big changes.

At this one-off session, available exclusively for a maximum of 12 sole practitioner accountants, you will learn:

  • How to decide what constitutes a profitable client for your practice
  • The 7 choices you have that could enable you to make more profits
  • What is really holding you back from being more profitable
  • The trade-offs you may need to make to increase your profits
  • The choices you can make if you want things to be different
  • How other accountants with similar practices make more profits than you
  • The mistakes and lessons other sole practitioners wish they had known earlier and that could save you thousands of pounds.

Join us and you’ll get tips, insights and advice that will save you much heartache, many hours and much wasted effort and money.

Meeting style

Mark has been running these Brains Trust style meetings for many years. He knows how to ensure that everyone around the table gets maximum value relevant to their own practice.  There is no fluff, rah-rah or sales talk. This is simply invaluable, practical and commercial CPD.

During the meeting you’ll be encouraged to share your own successes and learning experiences related to the main subject under discussion. You can speak freely as these meetings operate under the strict confidentiality principles of The Chatham House rule.


Upstairs in a bright and airy room at the 8 Club, near Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations in London. We’ll send you full details and directions when you have booked and paid for your place.

Date and timings

Join us on Wednesday 5th June. Please aim to arrive at 8.45 for tea and coffee etc so we can start promptly at 9am. We’ll take a short break at 10.30 and then finish at 12.15.


There are only 12 places around the table and half are already booked.

Table ticket: £147 for the morning, refreshments, plus detailed meeting notes. Mark will supply these a few days later as a prompt and a reminder of the key points addressed during the meeting. He will also include all of the specific key learning points identified at the end of the meeting.  Book your place here >>>

Your ROI will, of course, be many times the sum invested in your table ticket.  Previous attendees have increased their fees by many thousands of pounds within days of attending Mark’s annual fee comparison masterclass.

Money-back guarantee

If, at the end of the session, you’re not happy you have received enough value from the morning, just let Mark know before you leave and he’ll refund your Table Ticket in full.