I am both astonished and disappointed by the number of people who assume accountants are boring. Some of them have accountants, but most I suspect, do not and are simply repeating the stereotyping they have heard others reference. This is evident from the increasing number of young people who routinely tweet variations on the idea that being an accountant is, in their view, the most boring job in the world.

Many of the people who don’t have an accountant but who think accountants are boring really mean either:

  1. I don’t understand what it is they are going on about;
  2. I have heard other people say accountants are boring so it must be true;
  3. I saw that old Monty Python sketch about a boring accountant who wanted to be a lion tamer and it had a ring of truth about it;
  4. All that accounting stuff sounds boring as it doesn’t interest me;
  5. Accountants are more intelligent than me so must be boring in comparison; or
  6. Anyone who talks about something other than me is boring.

It’s probably true that sometimes, some accountants are boring. But most are not. However the prevailing view that accountants are boring cannot be good for the profession as a whole or for individual accountants specifically.

What can we do to change the general perception?

[Edited June 2014] In 2012 I made a start with my ‘Boring Is Optional‘ campaign and my INABA awards (I‘m Not A Boring Accountant). I have since moved on as neither idea won widespread interest or support within the profession.

My other contribution has been to focus on helping accountants to STAND OUT and to be more successful. Please get in touch or share your ideas below as to what we can do to change the stereotypical perception.

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