“A flood of mergers in 2009”?

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I was talking with a top partnership lawyer at a recent meeting of the Association of Partnership Practitioners. He indicated that he was expecting a "flood of mergers in 2009." He wasn't just referring to the accountancy sector but he didn't see why that would be any different.  He's been specialising in the professional services

Clients WANT more support in these trying times

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Once accountants  have finished focusing on the 31 January online filing deadline there's a new challenge this year.  It's partly something I talked about in my seminars last year.  But it's also evident from a recent survey undertaken on behalf of accountsIQ, a provider of online accountancy solutions. Their research highlights a desire from small

Why bigger isn’t always best

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It's worth sharing  stories I hear about  dissatisfied clients of accountants as there are always lessons that can learned.  Let me be clear this story refers to a friend of mine who has recently gone back to his old accountant. Why did 'Harold' change accountants last year?  He told me: Believe it or not it

“One in four firms expects to lose clients”

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According to Accountancy magazine,  a quarter of the 1,200 accountancy firms surveyed by KATO 'expected to lose clients as a result of business failure or losing them to another practice'. I've tried to find a copy of the survey online to no avail - so I will simply assume that the question related to expectations