When we discussed how to prioritise key tasks effectively, at a recent meeting of The Inner Circle for Accountants, we started by identifying why prioritisation is a challenge. Here are the top ten reasons we noted:

  1. Absence of any real plan as to what key tasks need to be prioritised
  2. Lack of clarity as to what you need to do so that you can organise and prioritise the tasks.
  3. Too many (apparent) priorities meaning you are over committed.
  4. Failing to make time to schedule the tasks that will contribute to the achievement of your key priorities.
  5. Allowing too many things to become urgent so you have less time the important stuff.
  6. Your calendar evidences what you really prioritise. Thus a failure to focus on your priorities is revealed by their absence from your calendar.
  7. Trying to do too much yourself as you haven’t invested the time to identify what you could DOA (Delegate, Outsource or Automate) – which should be everything you don’t enjoy doing yourself.
  8. Whilst you want to make more time to work on developing, building and promoting your practice, it’s hard to prioritise this over client work that pays the bills.
  9. Some business related plans seem to require big and continuous amounts of time which are hard to schedule.
  10. Some accountants (justifiably) prioritise family, exercise or other non-work activities and then feel guilty about outstanding work related matters.

The key reason why accountants want to prioritise key tasks effectively is to feel more ‘in control’. This would mean that all key tasks are being completed in good time, there is less need to rush stuff at the last minute, you have some breathing space in your week and you no longer feel the need to work late or at weekends.

More than this it means there is less work that you feel you must do yourself, you feel more comfortable about increased automation and more regular delegation and, overall, you have greater clarity as to your KEY tasks and priorities.

While different accountants have different absolute priorities there is invariably some overlap. It was interesting during our meeting to see the realisation on some faces that they were so used to prioritising some activities that these weren’t on their initial lists of key priorities. Other accountants realised that they were so busy working on urgent stuff that they had forgotten about some important activities that they really do want to start prioritising.

At our meeting we identified many practical ways to resolve capacity issues, to identify and make time for important tasks before they become urgent and to stop putting-off major projects ‘because there just isn’t any time and they’re not urgent, yet’.  We also identified  a number of related tools and software solutions that can help accountants in practice.

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