You’re hosting a professional Networking event. What outcome do you want?

I was recently invited to attend an evening reception hosted by a top family law firm in London. When I arrived I realised that this was the first time for ages I was at an event where I didn’t know or recognise a soul.

No matter. I’ve been attending networking events for long enough to feel quite comfortable striking up conversations with strangers. I endeavoured to practice what I preach so I made a point of listening carefully, taking note of people’s names (especially those without badges) and applying the 4 suits approach to powerful conversations.

This blog post is part of my promised follow up to a conversation with the managing partner, Gavin Scott. I was particularly taken by his response when I asked him what did he hope to get out of hosting the reception/party?

I should add that the guests were quite a disparate group and went beyond the normal range of attendees at professional business networking events hosted by lawyers and accountants.

I asked for and obtained Gavin’s permission to note down his reply and to incorporate it into a blog post (with attribution). He explained that his primary motivation was to make valuable connections for his clients. He explained:

“I am keen to build relationships with other professionals who can help our clients do things that we cannot help them to do ourselves. We do our utmost for our clients but there is a wide range of areas where we cannot provide help in-house. So building good new connections makes me happy”

Clearly elements of Gavin’s reply are a consequence of his practice being a family law firm rather than a full service law firm or accountancy practice. But, at it’s core, Gavin’s reply told me he is a client focused professional and I was impressed.

The firm, of which he is Head of the London office, is the largest UK family law firm so has a high profile and a powerful brand in its niche sector. The lawyers working there can rely on that to a degree in their efforts to STAND OUT from the pack. This is but one element of the STAND OUT principles they could be using of course. Nevertheless Gavin’s attitude also makes him STAND OUT in my view.

Do you agree?

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