What did the Leaders’ Debate teach us about how you can STAND OUT?


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Mark Lee

Mark is a speaker, mentor, facilitator, author, blogger and debunker. Mark Lee helps professionals who want to STAND OUT and be remembered, referred and recommended using his 7 fundamental principles to create a more powerful professional impact, online and face to face.
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  1. David Winch
    David Winch says:


    Thanks for this comment on ‘political marketing’ & some lessons we can draw for our own marketing efforts.

    As you mention, simply being seen on screen was a big bonus for the smaller parties.

    I have come to the conclusion that – as an accountant in practice rather than a leader of a political party – in large measure my firm’s ‘brand’ is ‘me’ (whether I like that or not).

    So it’s personal.

    For that reason I have started using videos of myself on my website. That makes my website unique & individual – which so many accountants’ websites aren’t!

    Hopefully it also makes me approachable.


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