STOP! Before you start-up in practice you need to read this ebook. It will save all start-up practices countless hours of learning through experience. If you have time to waste or money to burn go ahead and do it your way.

Mark’s advice for start-up practices has been applauded and welcomed by hundreds of accountants over the years. He has been lecturing and writing on the subject since 2008 having previously been in practice himself for almost 30 years.

Many of the issues addressed in this 35 page ebook are strategic and business focused. Mark asks you the tough questions you need to be able to answer if you are going to build a successful practice.

There is no theory here. Just good solid advice. Mark’s tips and advice are practical, commercial and easy to apply. He is known for his no-nonsense straight talking independent approach. If you have ever heard Mark speak or have read any of his articles, blog posts or tweets, you will want to read this ebook.

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