Mark has been described as one of the most socially networked accountants in the UK. He has been active on social media and Linkedin since 2006 and has been lecturing to accountants on the subject since 2008.

This 10,000 word page ebook demystifies the subject and explains what is worthwhile and what is not. Mark wants to help avoid any more accountants wasting significant amounts of time and money on social media. Do it right or don’t do it!

Far too many social media ‘experts’ do not understand accountants. The advice these ‘experts’ provide is often generic, based on misconceptions or simply to generate fees for the expert.

Mark has distilled his advice, hints and tips across all of the key forms of social media into this single ebook. It is more strategic in approach than a full-on ‘how to’ guide. It is crucial to be clear about what you want to achieve, why you might want to explore different forms of social media and what is and is not possible in this area.

There is no theory here. Just good solid advice on topics such as what you can do and what choices you need to make to get value from the time you spend on social media. Mark debunks many of the myths and shares independent constructive advice for accountants.

Mark’s tips and advice are practical, commercial and easy to apply. He is known for his no-nonsense straight talking independent approach. If you have ever heard Mark speak or have read any of his articles, blog posts or tweets, you will want to read this ebook.

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