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Who is Mark Lee?

Mark Lee is an accountancy focused Futurist, Influencer, Speaker, Mentor, Author and Debunker. 

–  A quality conference speaker –  Mark is one of only a small subset of UK speakers judged worthy of being accepted as a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.

–  Highly rated – You can read what others say about Mark’s performance as a professional speaker here >>>

–  Treasurer of The Magic Circle – often said, in jest, to be the most interesting thing about Mark!  He tends to include the odd magic trick in his talks so as to highlight key points.

–  The most networked accountant in the UK – with an extensive network and a positive reputation for consistently providing relevant, independent and commercial advice.

–  Consistently highly ranked as an accountancy influencer – He is well connected both offline and online and is regularly identified as an authority on the use of social media by accountants.  In September 2017 Sage identified Mark as one of their top 100 global business influencers.

–  Author of the Magic of Success – A weekly email containing strategic advice, insights, tips and tricks for accountants in practice. This supplements and references his weekly column that now contains over 700 pieces of advice  for the same audience.

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