Meetings focused mentoring for Accountants

This is an exclusive and premium priced service.

Who are you?

You are about to take over running an accountancy practice or you have been doing so for a while. However you recognise that there are gaps in your experience and you want to accelerate your development and the strategy you adopt in building  your practice. Maybe you want to introduce new systems and to close any skill gaps that might otherwise prevent you from building the practice as you would like. Or maybe something is holding you back and you want an active supportive external mentor to help you move forwards towards your ambitions and goals for the practice.

You are also realistic so I’m not going to promise we can resolve all of these issues in the short-term. But once you have clarified what you seriously want to achieve I will do all I can to help you succeed. As a result you will feel better about yourself, about your practice and about the future. And this will typically result in your practice flourishing faster than if you had carried on as before.

What is involved?

The meetings focused mentoring relationship is personal and confidential. My mentoring style involves a mix of support, strategic insights, advice, consulting, encouragement, coaching, challenging, motivating and inspiring. I will encourage you to take action and hold you to account to ensure it is all worthwhile.

Distance is no object. You can choose the approach which best suits you: One to one meetings, skype calls and/or telephone contact. When you work with me you get the full benefit of the lessons, experience and insights I accumulated during my 25 years in practice as well as the strategic insights I have gained from mentoring, coaching, speaking and writing for many hundreds of accountants, finance and tax executives.

Keep moving forwards

You know that low investments of time and money in personal and professional development implies low expectations and low priorities. If we work together I will be committed to ensuring that you achieve your objectives. I need you to be just as committed – after all, it’s your future we are building.

Please book a time for us to have quick chat. I will then send you over my simple mentoring contract. This contains my views on the mutual responsibilities which, when clearly defined, help to ensure there is clarity about the purpose, boundaries and limitations of the mentoring relationship. We can then arrange an induction and detailed objective setting meeting. And then, assuming we are both keen to proceed you can choose which mentoring programme you would like to follow.

My standard fee for an induction and objective setting session is £558 plus VAT, payable in advance. This session doesn’t commit either of us to anything further although I invariably follow up with summary notes and ideas from the discussion. We can also then agree which mentoring package is best suited to you:

  • The Lite service includes 4 meetings over a year, supplemented by monthly interim phone calls and email support. Investment £6k
  • The Premium service includes 6 meetings over a year, supplemented by monthly interim phone calls and email support.  Investment £8k
  • The Excel service includes 12 meetings over a year,  supplemented by weekly interim phone calls (as required) and email support. Investment £14k

Mentoring programme fees are subject to VAT and payable in full to secure your place and my commitment before commencement. Meetings run for anything from 2-4 hours. Interim phone calls are typically 30-50 mins long.

In each case I also offer follow up emails as required in between our scheduled meetings. I’d be happy to provide further details when we speak. Please book a (no obligation) call with me using this facility which links to my calendar>>>>