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The Inner Circle for Accountants

Members of The Inner Circle, attend a round table meeting with Mark each month in London.  Membership is limited to sole practitioners who want to improve their practices.

Everyone around the table faces similar challenges that it is tiring to overcome. You are always busy but it’s hard to find time to do the things that you hope will help you achieve the success you seek. And how do you really know what is worth you doing and what isn’t? You are probably frustrated by the constant pressure to drink from the fire-hose of new materials and advice that are being pumped out at you day in and day out.

Mark Lee believes that accountants benefit most from the shared insights and experiences of their peers, rather than from any number of sales pitches by marketing and sales consultants.

If this sounds familiar you will want to find out more about The Inner Circle for Accountants.

What is The Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is a small group of entrepreneurial sole practitioner accountants (with or without staff) who share similar challenges. Being a member of Mark Lee’s Inner Circle will help you to:

  • Resolve your immediate day to day and longer term business issues
  • Test your assumptions
  • Be more confident you are making the right decisions and choices
  • Remove the loneliness of working for yourself
  • Gain more confidence to make the changes you want to make in your practice
  • Improve your work-life balance
  • Short-cut the process of changing things for the better
  • Benefit from a unique peer-led face to face forum
  • Maximise your profits within the constraints you set
  • Feel energised and motivated at least once a month.
  • Achieve the success you deserve – on your terms

Imagine what a difference this could make to your practice and how good it would feel. Mark’s expert facilitation of the monthly meetings and regular private calls will help you stay focused and on track. As a result you will achieve your objectives and resolve challenges faster and with more confidence than ever before. This will all give you real leverage to move your practice forwards.

Does this sound interesting?

Our half day meetings take place in a light and airy private club between Moorgate and Liverpool St stations. We meet from 8.45-12.15 on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

You will find that The Inner Circle for Accountants offers you a more varied, informed and relevant approach to practice and business development than almost any other solution. Members enjoy the informal approach and everyone’s willingness to share the realities and lessons learned from running their own practices.

The structure of the regular meetings ensures that you’ll benefit from more attention focused on your key issues than you would get in a seminar or a course, and more informed input that you could get from a conventional business coach.  All this and each meeting also provides valuable and targeted CPD for you and your practice.

Mark Lee’s Inner Circle for accountants is focused on helping you to build a more successful practice. At the meetings Mark adopts a more hands on and active approach than is possible online with his ‘Successful Practice Programme. You will receive inspiration to do ‘stuff’ and the motivation to solve practice-focused problems.  The Inner Circle is founded on the basic principle that you can accomplish more in less time by working together.

Each Inner Circle has no more than a table full of members – so membership is available only to a privileged few.

What it isn’t

Meetings of The Inner Circle are not seminars, lectures, conferences or workshops.

This is a not another technical discussion forum.

You decide what you will do between meetings – nobody is going to hold you to ransom or tell you what you MUST do – unless you ask Mark to do this for you.

The Inner Circle is not a sales platform – so nobody will be pitching to you or signing you up for expensive retreats, newsletters, webinars or any other ‘quick fix’ solutions.

Would you fit in?

Existing members are mostly entrepreneurial sole practitioners (albeit they may have one or more staff/contractors providing support).

As a member of The Inner Circle you would need to agree to the following key principles which form part of the Membership Agreement:

  1. Share ideas, issues, challenges and solutions in an open and constructive way during meetings
  2. Respect fellow members’ views
  3. Keep confidential everything you hear about other practices – adopting the principles of the Chatham House Rule
  4. Help keep The Inner Circle independent and free from bias
  5. Contribute ideas and suggestions to enhance the value members derive from The Inner Circle

Members of The Inner Circle all share certain characteristics.  You will qualify to join us if you:

  • Are a sole practitioner running a small yet ambitious general accountancy practice
  • Have been in practice either now or during the course of your career for at least 2 years.
  • Have an open-minded approach to problem solving – for yourself and others.
  • Are keen to avoid reinventing the wheel, to benefit from the synergy of the group and to learn from your peers.
  • Are willing to give as well as to receive help, ideas and support.
  • Are prepared to make a modest investment in the development of your practice.

How does it work?

  • Mark introduces the discussion topic (chosen ahead of time by members) each month drawing on his extensive experience and research. Where appropriate he shares ideas, insights, work sheets and checklists that members can use back in the office.
  • The bulk of the meeting will consist of a round table discussion with Mark and your peers. All members are invited to share and learn what works and what doesn’t work, benefitting from each others’ real-life practical experiences of actions, issues and challenges.
  • Mid-meeting, by arrangement, one member takes the Smart Seat for 30 minutes and shares a related challenge, difficulty or opportunity they face. Mark and other members of the group then share ideas, tips and solutions to assist that member. Inevitably everyone around the table benefits from the focused discussion as no one’s situation is unique.
  • At the end of each meeting Mark invites everyone to identify one or two likely actions and key learning points.  As no two practices are the same a number of different issues are always identified.
  • Mark prepares a key point summary for the private use of all members together with links to a growing library of key learning points and follow up notes from previous meetings, along with related supporting papers.
  • Between meetings Mark contacts those members who have requested a follow up call with him.  These private 1-2-1 calls are your opportunity to seek further guidance, get support, keep you focused and obtain further insights, tips and advice.  Nothing is compulsory, but this can be a useful way to clarify any related issues and to prompt or help you to take forward the actions you have identified.


>>> Application process <<<

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Your Investment and Bonuses

Many people attracted to a group like The Inner Circle will also have considered engaging a personal mentor or business coach. These typically require an investment of several thousands of pounds. Mark also offers such a service – further details here>>>

Membership of The Inner Circle has been set at just £300 per month +VAT. This covers:

  • 12 monthly meetings with professional and expert facilitation
  • Follow up calls each month to keep you on track – you decide whether you prefer these to take place by phone, Skype or email.
  • Key learning point summary of each meeting (particularly useful if you’ve been unable to attend) and copies of supporting documents and checklists.

Or you can save £600 by paying just £3k +VAT in one lump to cover the full 12 months.


On joining Mark Lee’s Inner Circle you will also:

  • Qualify for 12 months complimentary access to the weekly tax tips published by the Tax Advice Network (saving £120 pa).
  • Gain full access to the notes and supporting documents from past meetings via the online Inner Circle membership library.

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that you will be delighted by your investment in The Inner Circle.

However, if you don’t feel that membership is beneficial you can have a full refund of your Membership fee if you ask for this within 3 months of joining The Inner Circle.

The only caveat to this guarantee is that you must have taken the opportunity seriously, attended at least 2 meetings and carried through on the actions you set for yourself at each of those meetings.

When you are ready, or if you have any questions, please arrange a call with Mark by booking a slot in his diary through this facility >>>