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Listed below you’ll find all of the free stuff you can get here. This includes: Linkedin profile tips, 7 standout strategies, 6 time secrets, blog posts, regular emails containing tips, tricks, insights and advice as well as ebook samples and articles.

Linkedin profile guides

Mark has prepared a number of focused Guides for Professionals who want to create a powerful STAND OUT profile on Linkedin.
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The ‘Magic of Success’

Mark’s weekly email containing insights, tips and tricks for accountants in practice. More details and you can sign up here >>>

Mark’s 7 point framework on how to STAND OUT

This simple framework contains 7 simple strategies you can use to STAND OUT from your competitors, from your peers and from the crowd. In so doing you can ensure that you are better remembered, referred and recommended than everyone else. Further details and download available here >>>

6 Time Secrets for Sole Practitioner Accountants

Mark’s free guide for sole practitioner accountants struggling with time pressures. This report shares 6 time secrets to getting more done in less time. Available here >>>

Blog posts

The blog area of this website contains over 600 short pieces that provide advice, tips and insights intended to assist ambitious professionals in practice. The main areas addressed include:

    • Professional practice development techniques
    • How to STAND OUT and ensure you are remembered, referred and recommended
    • Career development
    • Networking – online and face to face
    • Linkedin, twitter and other social media

In 2006 Mark researched and produced a white paper on personal development for ambitious professionals. An update is imminent (2018) but all of the points addressed by the ten year old paper remain as true today as when they were written.

The Magic of Success for Accountants – Mark’s weekly email containing tips, tricks, insights and advice to help accountants become more successful in practice. Find out more and register  here >>>>

Tips and advice on how to STAND OUT – Mark sends out a regular email newsletter to thousands of professionals who want to be more successful in their practice or career. Simply complete the short form on the home page of this website if you would like to receive this.

Although Mark doesn’t provide tax advice himself he remains Chairman of the Tax Advice Network which provides a weekly practical tax tips update, written especially for accountants in general practice. Try it, free, through this link>>>

Ebook samples

You can access sample content from each of Mark’s ebooks by following the ebooks link on the green menu bar above.


In his role as Consultant Practice Editor for AccountingWeb, Mark has also written over 200 articles on practice focused and start up related topics. You can access most of them by following this link >>>

Billable advice

If you require more specific advice, insights and support, you may be a suitable candidate for mentoring with Mark Lee.  To discuss your requirements in confidence, contact Mark on mark [at], call 0845 003 8780 or fix a time to speak with Mark directly here >>>. Further details of how to determine if this might be for you are set out here>>>>