Mark has been invited to facilitate various partnership meetings. He has lead workshops on social media and, less specifically, on the firm’s strategy for the future.

Most people would agree that an experienced external facilitator can help ensure that meetings reach higher levels of achievement. When the facilitator has significant relevant experience and is willing to share the benefits of his background in a supportive and constructive manner, so much the better.

Benefits of an External Facilitator

  • Structures the discussion/meeting
    • to keep to time
    • to encourage contributions from all participants
    • to clarify and summarise frequently
  • Encourages participants to accept responsibility for initiating change
  • Leaves everyone in the team free to contribute
  • Minimises internal personality clashes
  • Provides safer ambience if there are any feelings of distrust in team
  • Ensures process is kept going
  • Keeps the meeting focussed on desired and achievable outcomes

How Mark Lee Can Help

Mark is able to accept a limited number of assignments to facilitate meetings and development plans in professional firms. Mark has the credibility, expertise and communication skills to operate as an independent authoritative support for the team or firm in question. His aim is to stimulate professional development and to help make meetings more effective, relevant and productive.

Mark has chaired and facilitated hundreds of meetings during his career. He is a keen advocate of timely follow-up and endeavours to ensure that meeting minutes, where required, identify both who has agreed to take action and when this needs to be done.

Mark is equally at home whether chairing or leading internal meetings of half a dozen people, facilitating away days or workshops for firms with up to a dozen or so partners, and breakouts for UK or international associations of firms. His aim is always to ensure that all contributions are valued and that everyone gets maximum benefit from being present.

Do you want more information?

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