Mark's tips and advice are practical, commercial and easy to apply. A common reaction to Mark's advice is: "I wish I'd known that before. I could have saved a lot of time and money." He is known for his no-nonsense straight talking independent approach. If you have ever heard Mark speak or have read any of his articles, blog posts or tweets, you will want to read these ebooks.



This 10,000 word ebook contains loads of focused tips and advice for accountants.  Written without any hype or generic advice it is  an ideal guide whether you are just starting out, looking to move to a new role, run your own practice or are part of a larger firm. It includes advice on establishing best practice, getting started, getting connected, building a successful career and how accountants can use LinkedIn effectively for lead generation.

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How to be more than 'just another accountant'

This substantial 12,500 word ebook contains a wealth of practical, commercial and easy to follow advice. Coverage includes what does it take to stand out? How to be memorable, special and different in person, online and in your marketing.

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This ebook contains around 10,000 words providing loads of simple, sensible and relevant marketing related tips and advice for accountants in general practice. Save yourself a load of time, money and effort. Get this ebook and read it now before you invest any more time or money on marketing your practice.

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Start Up Practices

If you're thinking of starting a practice or you have recently set one up, you need to read the 9,500 words of independent advice in this ebook.  Topics covered include accountancy franchises, danger zones to avoid, practical advice for new practices and how to make your firm a success.

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Social Media

This ebook provides a balanced view as to what is involved, what you can do and what choices you need to make to get value from the time you spend on social media. Mark debunks many of the myths and shares independent constructive advice for accountants.

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Twitter eBook

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This ebook is for any accountant who want to understand how they can make networking work for them. Mark debunks the myths and shares his tips and advice about what to do before, during and after you attend networking events.

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