Do you focus on just one approach to STANDING OUT?


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Mark Lee

Mark is a speaker, mentor, facilitator, author, blogger and debunker. Mark Lee helps professionals who want to STAND OUT and be remembered, referred and recommended using his 7 fundamental principles to create a more powerful professional impact, online and face to face.
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  1. Shane
    Shane says:

    I’ve often found that “Standing out” cannot be achieved by making this your goal, providers tend to be above the rest by focusing on what they do and doing it well. You can always stand out for the wrong reasons, an individual will select the company based around their ability rather than perk, in my opinion.

  2. Mark Lee
    Mark Lee says:

    Shane and Malcolm
    Thanks again for your comments. Absolutely you can stand out for the wrong reasons and many people do. My framework highlights the 7 key principles that professionals can adopt in an effort to STAND OUT positively. Referencing your business focus or niche is but one of these seven.

    Relying on your performance in role doesn’t help in securing work or referrals through introducers. How you reference your experience and dependability (two of the seven principles) is important and can help you STAND OUT, but again they are not the only options in most cases.


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