Why do you want to promote your firm?

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A recent conversation with an accountant I've not worked with before started as follows: Accountant:  Do I need to promote my firm better? Mark: Probably, but it depends on what you want to achieve. Accountant: What do you mean? Mark: Marketing and promotional activities work best for accountants when you have first identified clear objectives. Otherwise you're likely

What 6 things is everyone saying we should do?

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At the ICAEW's 'Growing your practice' conference yesterday, speaker after speaker shared similar ideas - allbeit from very different perspectives, with different emphasis and in different contexts. I was first up and talked about the 7 step framework you need to follow to STAND OUT from the competition. There are a host of detailed factors

What are the key statistics for your accountancy firm website?

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What follows is controversial as it challenges the conventional wisdom shared by many website designers and content marketers. I have long felt that a great deal of the generic advice you hear and see all over the web is misleading. I have explained before that: Only one website metric really matters to accountants. And that is, for

Only one website metric really matters to accountants

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There are plenty of online tools that will help you measure various website metrics and analytics - such as visitor numbers, how long they stay, which pages they look at and so on.  None of them, however, measure the most important metric so it is easy to forget that there's only one that really matters.

Accountants and the internet – survey results

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Last month the Independent Association of Accountants Information Technology Consultants (IAAITC) announced the results of its survey on the effective use of the Internet by UK accountancy firms. The two specific issues considered by the survey were the effective promotion of firms' websites and their use of email for communicating with clients. The key word

Websites for accountants

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I regularly find myself sharing my views on this topic so I thought it would be helpful to include in one place all of my previous posts on related issues: Websites for professional firms (part one) - what messages does your site need to communicate? Websites for professional firms (part two) - who are the

Should you put your fee rates on your website?

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I came across this question recently on a general business forum and offered my view which I have adapted below for ambitious professionals.  I'd be interested in what conclusions others have reached. In my experience very few firms have even considered the point. I can only recall one occasion when I have seen specific reference

Client testimonials: Which ones to use? (part four)

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I've addressed this topic in three previous postings on this blog. Parts one and two introduced the subject and in part three I explained one simple way for ambitious professionals to obtain testimonials.In practice such testimonials will not always be immediately suitable to incorporate in your marketing literature. In this fourth part of the series