Don’t make this mistake if you want referrals from your clients

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Regardless of which profession you practice, I wonder if you make an all too common mistake. We all hope that clients will want us to provide a range of services to them. And we hope that clients will recommend and refer us to other prospective clients too. But, as I frequently point out, 'hope' is

Use your ‘inner magic’ to stand out from others who do what you do

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Are you 'just another' accountant, lawyer, surveyor, speaker, trainer or whatever? Really? But you're you. No one else can be you. The real you. Richard Jones on BGT The winner of the 2016 TV series of Britian's Got Talent (BGT) was Richard Jones. A magician. And a soldier. When interviewed* Richard explains that from the

If we don’t trust experts anymore what do you need to do to STAND OUT?

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During 2016 politicians in both the UK (Michael Gove) and in the US (Donald Trump) repeatedly asserted that people have “had enough” of experts. Voting patterns seemed to confirm this as expert political and economic views were largely ignored. And yet, we also know it's patently not true. If you have a health problem do

How much personality should sole practitioners put into their practice?

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I was asked two related questions during a recent interview. This post is drawn from the notes I made before giving my answers on air. 1. With so many businesses competing with each other online, has it become more important to put more personality into your practice? The smaller your practice the more important

Are technical skills enough for sole practitioner accountants?

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Most sole practitioners are justly proud of their technical skills. It is also common to find that some sole practitioners undervalue the importance of ensuring that they have all the business skills they require to be profitable in the short-term and successful in the longer-term. At best only lip-service is paid to the development of non-technical

The Sole Practitioners’ formula for identifying your premium fee paying prospects

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This is a guest blog provided by Patrick McLoughlin. In it he explains how sole practitioner accountants can become really clear as to who is a premium fee playing client. And, having done that, how you can then clarify your future marketing and business generation activities. As Patrick's approach is much the same as mine I

STAND OUT Christmas greetings

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I tried to do something different this year. Like many others I stopped sending cards to everyone a while back.    These days cards sent with a personal message can STAND OUT positively as they are now much less common than once was the case. Some cards and messages specifically STAND OUT. I remember one

What do you enjoy doing?

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Just stop for a moment and consider how you would answer if someone asked you: "What do you enjoy doing?" Now think how much better that reply sounds than what you normally say when someone asks you: "What do you do?" In formal business networking situations your reply to that ubiquitous question may be one

5 tips from Stephen Lansdown’s entry on The Accountancy Rich List 2015

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I was intrigued by elements of the Accountancy Rich List 2015 published by economia magazine. The magazine itself, as distinct from the online list, contains pen portraits of ten of those on the list, described as "inspiring entrepreneurial chartered accountants". In each case a sentence or quote has been given explaining 'How he made it".