Where do you want your promotional messages to be seen?

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I have referenced what I call the 3Ms of marketing an accountancy practice before. This blog post is related to the third M. That is, which Media should you use to get your chosen Messages to your chosen Market? The answer to the question depends on where you will find your chosen Market and target

When you CAN use social media effectively for promotional purposes

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The longer you spend on social media the more you realise that overt sales and marketing messages do not typically have much positive impact. Posting adverts on social media is a different topic and not the subject of this blog post. Before I explain how you CAN use social media effectively for promotional purposes, I should

What if you don’t want to go for a niche?

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There is no doubt in my mind. The more focused you can be as regards your ideal clients the more chance there is that other people will recognise when they can recommend and refer you to people who need your services. But it's not the only route to success. You are not alone if you

The 7 ways you can Keep In Touch with clients and contacts

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Accountants who want to stand out as caring and being interested in their clients know that they should Keep In Touch ('KIT').  You also need a KIT routine if you want to be able to rely on business contacts and influencers to introduce new clients to you. If we don’t keep in touch we

Five ways general practice accountants can choose a niche

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It is generally accepted these days that you will benefit more from advertising, marketing, networking and referrals if you focus on a recognisable niche.  Let everyone else continue trying to be all things to all people. But, if you are like most accountants in practice you don't think you have a specialist focus. You

Are we undermining the meaning of the word ‘specialise’?

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I saw an advert recently for the Daily Telegraph's jobs board. It claims them to be "Specialists in your Industry". Er, no they aren't. They can't be. They may 'cover' every industry. They may have vacancies or jobs for people in "every" (or, more likely, simply 'most') industries. But, by definition, they cannot be

4 accountants respond to a prospect’s initial enquiry

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On one of the business networks I follow a member recently asked for a recommendation to a down-to-earth, friendly, non-judgemental, accountant.  He explained his requirements in a little more detail - but not much, although he did state: "To be ABSOLUTELY clear, I am NOT looking for someone who has intentions of turning me

You have to use different bait to attract bigger fish

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A sole practitioner accountant recently asked me how could he attract the 'bigger fish'? In effect he wanted to know how he could start to attract and win clients who would be prepared to pay bigger fees. He said he wants to more than double his average fee - moving from around £600 upto

Client testimonials: Why they are important (part two)

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I introduced this topic in a previous posting on this blog so will avoid repeating the points I made last time. Recommendations, referrals and testimonials are among the most effective ways for ambitious professionals to establish their credibility. In an ideal world prospective clients would seek recommendations and referrals from trusted friends and family.