Lessons for accountants from….. a childrens’ party entertainer

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As a teenager, before I started studying to become an accountant, I was a children's party entertainer - and I continued doing this for about 25 years. When I look back I realise that I quickly learned 2 lessons that now, many years later, inform my thinking and advice to accountants. Specialisation I was

Why do accountants need to be enthusiastic?

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Everyone who knows me recognises my enthusiastic nature. When I was younger I may even have been a touch too enthusiastic. I now recognise that it can unnerve those around you if you are evidently more enthusiastic than everyone else. That was an important lesson for me some years back. So now, older and wiser,

Do people see you as successful or struggling?

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Some accountants I know are proud of how efficiently they look after their own business affairs. Others though are embarrassed at their inefficiencies. And there are some who do not appear to give any thought as to how they are perceived. If clients or business associates become aware that you are not running your practice

Connect, know, like, trust, need – what do you do to make this work for you?

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I frequently hear networking gurus stress a mantra that originated in the book ‘Endless Referrals, written by Bob Burg: “All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to people they know, like and trust.” I understand this is also the mantra shared at certain networking groups. The focus then is on encouraging you to make an effort

Could you adapt this unique way of standing out from the crowd?

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I still remember meeting Christopher Higenbottam at a networking event some years ago. I asked what he did and he told me he is an architect. (Indeed it transpired that he was the MD of Tempietto Architects). We talked for a while about his work.  After a few minutes I think I asked him whether

How much personality should sole practitioners put into their practice?

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I was asked two related questions during a recent interview. This post is drawn from the notes I made before giving my answers on air. 1. With so many businesses competing with each other online, has it become more important to put more personality into your practice? The smaller your practice the more important it

10 commandments of client service for sole practitioners

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Ok, maybe not real 'commandments' and maybe they are relevant to a wider audience than sole practitioners. Either way I hope you'll nod as you look through the list. I suggest you aim to pick out one or two where you know you could do better. And then focus on what you could do to

Are your clients indifferent or do you get all the referrals you want?

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Some professional advisers, such as accountants, claim that they secure much of their new work through word of mouth referrals. This suggests that clients are making positive comments about them. They may do that if they're particularly happy but in the same way any unhappy clients will be quick to share their negative views even if

Use it or lose it – Your clients’ trust

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Accountants are expected and trusted to be good business advisers. This puts them in a good position to advice clients during the current troubled financial times. I addressed this point recently in a post entitled: Accountants need to show they really are business advisers as we move into recession. I have now seen reports of another