Ten clues your Linkedin profile is boring

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Here's a quick checklist to review in case your Linkedin profile is giving the impression that you are boring. That will certainly the case if your profile matches all ten! Photo: None or one of you sitting at a desk.  Note the additional prominence given to photos in the 'new look' profile layouts. Headline: Accountant.

Why consistency is important on social media

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Most accountants who become active on social media do so in the hope of attracting more clients. If this is your intention or you want to evidence your credibility, I suggest that you adopt a consistent business focus across your websites, blogs, online networking and contributions to business forums. It also helps to show that

How accountants can use Linkedin groups

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There are thousands of Groups on Linkedin and some are of more value to accountants than others. If you scroll down someone's profile on Linkedin you can see the Groups to which they belong. 'Belong' - the list doesn't reveal whether they are active in those groups, or indeed whether anyone is active there. It

A dozen key tips for your Linkedin profile

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I've been advocating Linkedin as a key online networking opportunity for accountants and other busy professionals for a few years now. I've realised something important was missing though: A post containing my tips and advice for someone who would benefit from enhancing their profile to make it work for them. This is all simple stuff

20 tips re Linkedin for accountancy firms – vs individual accountants

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I once wrote a Handbook on using Linkedin for a larger company that has many such handbooks recording their processes and systems. It was a fascinating experience. In researching available Linkedin advice and tips I found very little that was aimed at or relevant to business owners. The same is true for accountancy firms that

Five misconceptions about twitter caused by poor media reporting

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This post started life as the second part of an item intended to explain twitter to novices.  In that piece I  suggested that the first thing to note is that twitter is an information resource. Unless you are obsessed with celebrities, politics, sports or brands, nothing in the media is likely to tempt you to

Be realistic as to what Social Media can do for you

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The MediaCoach, Alan Stevens, recently shared his views about people who wonder why social media isn't working for them.  We tend to agree on such things even though we have very different backgrounds in business and the media. I thought it was worth sharing Alan's views on a subject I have blogged about before.  Alan

Why accountants should not tweet in their firm’s name

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During my last social media seminar for accountants we reviewed the different ways that accountants have chosen to identify themselves on twitter. An objective comparison was quite revealing. As always let me start by saying that if what you're doing is working for you, please continue without changing anything. If however you have yet to

Explaining twitter is like talking about sex

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There is now an almost daily stream of stories about the way that celebrities, politicians and big brands use twitter. Many of the media stories are ill-informed or naive. It is no wonder that so many non-tweeters then form a distorted view as to what twitter is all about. There is a similarity with the

10 minutes on: Social Media – without the hype

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How to condense everything you know on a subject into 10 minutes? My approach has long been to use acronyms to give me some focus and structure. Here's the one I'll use for this talk: S - Social vs Anti-Social - As explained here O - Objectives - Be clear on WHY before you start

There are only two types of social media….

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One that works for you..... and One that doesn't work for you One that you enjoy.... and One that you find a chore One that is Social.... and One that is Anti-Social One that is random.... and One that is focused One where your profile photo enables people to recognise you when they meet you....

With Social Media you need to decide WHY and then HOW

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More and more people are experimenting with social media. I say 'experimenting' as all too often there is no real strategy behind the activity. Many accountants, for example, simply buy into the 'hope' that their social media activity will lead to more clients. It's rarely as simple as that. Whatever you might have heard about

The key equation re Social Media for accountants

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Here's a slide I prepared for recent talks about Social Media for Accountants. I reference it after I note the desire that an increasing number of firms have to experiment with social media. Whoever takes responsibility for your social media activity could be doing something else. So you need to determine whether the time spent

Social Media for Accountants – Why Bother?

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This was the topic I was asked to speak about at a Cloud Accounting conference run by Cloud Advocates (David Terrar and Richard Messik). A couple of hours before I was due to speak I posted a tweet: Any accountants who'd like a mention during my talk @ #clouda21 , please answer the Q: Why should

Examples of good facebook pages for accountants

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As part of my focus on how accountants can use social media I have not, to date, paid much attention to Facebook. I do compare key features and benefits of facebook with other social media sites during my talks and articles but that's about it. My gut tells me that spending BUSINESS  time on facebook

Measuring activity and influence on social media

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I apologise to those readers who have no interest in social media. I completely understand your disinterest. You may even be right - for the moment anyway - but it's also clear that more and more professionals are expressing an interest in social media. If you're active on twitter for example you may have noticed a