Debunked: Twitter names and handles for accountants

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You may have seen or heard me comment that accountants who tweet using their firm's name are missing a trick. In this blog post you'll find out why. Twitter is a social media platform that is suited to building personal engagement. It is less effective when used as a broadcast media and this is typically

How can accountants use Linkedin for marketing purposes?

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This was the headline to a question I was asked recently. I have summarised the question below and expanded on my reply and advice as this may help other accountants too. Question How can accountants use LinkedIn for marketing purpose? I have a company page, I have a profile, I am in some groups but

Debunking social media myths for accountants

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I forget how long ago I added the word 'debunker' to the list of my roles/activities. It's on my business card, my marketing materials, my online profiles and on the title slide for many of my presentations. I was first asked what I mean by 'debunker' when I was facilitating a workshop for an international

Don’t invest more time on social media until you have read this

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Regular readers will know that I am both very active on social media and highly ranked for my online influence.* Equally you will also know that I do not routinely encourage accountants to use social media for promotional and marketing purposes. And I challenge the evidence and arguments of those who do advocate this -

Where do you want your promotional messages to be seen?

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I have referenced what I call the 3Ms of marketing an accountancy practice before. This blog post is related to the third M. That is, which Media should you use to get your chosen Messages to your chosen Market? The answer to the question depends on where you will find your chosen Market and target

When you CAN use social media effectively for promotional purposes

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The longer you spend on social media the more you realise that overt sales and marketing messages do not typically have much positive impact. Posting adverts on social media is a different topic and not the subject of this blog post. Before I explain how you CAN use social media effectively for promotional purposes, I should

Why do you want to promote your firm?

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A recent conversation with an accountant I've not worked with before started as follows: Accountant:  Do I need to promote my firm better? Mark: Probably, but it depends on what you want to achieve. Accountant: What do you mean? Mark: Marketing and promotional activities work best for accountants when you have first identified clear objectives. Otherwise you're likely

WHO do you need to stand out from?

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One of my talks for accountants, and much of the advice I share generally, concerns WHY it's important to STAND OUT from your competitors - and HOW easy this is to do when you put your mind to it. A related question I've never really addressed in detail is WHO do you need to STAND

“What tools do you recommend to help a sole practitioner stand out?”

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This was another question I was asked during a recent interview. This post is drawn from the notes I made before giving my answer on air. Many accountants and bookkeepers reference their best source of new business as being referrals and recommendations. So let's deal with this first. Tools I would recommend here include: Linkedin

How do you allow clients to communicate with you?

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In the days before email there were only 3 ways that clients could communicate with their accountants. In person, by phone and by letter. Now the list of options is much longer. Do you encourage, tolerate or refuse to accept communications by less conventional methods? How does this impact your client base? Email is perhaps

How much personality should sole practitioners put into their practice?

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I was asked two related questions during a recent interview. This post is drawn from the notes I made before giving my answers on air. 1. With so many businesses competing with each other online, has it become more important to put more personality into your practice? The smaller your practice the more important it

8 mistakes sole practitioners make on twitter

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An increasing number of sole practitioners are experimenting with twitter. Some quickly conclude or believe instinctively that twitter could be a huge waste of time. And yet some also talk about how they have used twitter to secure new clients or otherwise found it to be a useful source of knowledge and information. What follows

The 3 factors that will determine your social media success

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It’s all too easy to get caught up in the game of chasing followers, likes, connections and social media klout. It may be fun to keep track of these metrics and to keep increasing them. But, in real life, they are not important by themselves. There is little point in simply pursuing these metrics. You

How I manage my time on social media each week

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How long do you need to spend on social media to build up a decent following, contribute effectively and secure a good level of engagement? I'm not sure much has changed over the years since I started to use social media in 2006. The answers to those questions depend on your reasons for getting involved

Should accountants outsource their facebook activity?

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I recently wrote an article which posed the question: Should accountants be more active on facebook? I concluded by noting that every survey I have seen about accountants’ use of social media suggests that facebook remains a minority interest. This comes as no surprise to me and I don’t see this changing very much celebrex 200

What are your top skills and expertise?

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The top ranked personal skill or expertise on my Linkedin profile is currently 'strategy'.  It has been moving up the list over the last year. I am flattered that hundreds of people have endorsed me for ANY skills and expertise on Linkedin. Until recently 'Accounting' was top - presumably by reference to my background in

The 7 fundamental principles that will ensure you STAND OUT from the competition

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Having been talking and writing about this framework for some time, it's about time I recorded it on my own blog. There's also a link to a graphic of the STAND OUT framework on the top menu bar above. The seven fundamental principles are easy to recall through a simple acrostic. Each of the principles