How do you develop the personal and business skills you need to succeed?

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Most professional advisers build up their technical competence and experience over a number of years, often also while studying and taking exams. In some professions the exams and studies endeavour to address related business and personal skills. These are invariably almost as important as the technical skills. There are some notable exceptions - such as

6 key factors that can determine your success

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I recently watched an old video clip of the professional services firm guru, David Maister, in which he highlights the six most scarce resources in most professional service firms: Energy Excitement Enthusiasm Determination Passion Ambition David also points out that his research has proved that the top achieving firms are those that energise, excite and enthuse

Do you hope, pray or train?

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It has been said that personal development in a professional environment is largely a matter of common sense. Employers will spend a fortune in an effort to ensure that ambitious professionals keep upto date with technical developments. But when it comes to maximising the professionals' potential to do their job, to progress and to get

Why is management a struggle?

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I saw a delightful definition the other day: All too often the reason managers struggle is because they are responsible for a whole gang of people that they probably didn’t pick, may not like, might have nothing in common with and who perhaps don’t like them much. Given how often this is what ambitious professionals

Why gamble with your most ambitious staff?

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A friend of mine, Stephen Harvard Davis is recognised as the UK’s leading authority on job transition and retaining top talent, He is the author of “Why do 40% of Executives Fail?” The following observations were inspired by an item on Stephen’s blog in which he addressed the retention issues relevant to top executives in

When you need more than just technical skills

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Whilst exam training focuses on developing technical skills most firms need managers and partners who also have a broad mix of business skills. As promotion is likely to depend upon such skills there are essentially only four options available to your firm. They will either: pray, hope or make a wish that you magically develop

Finders, Minders and Binders

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In a previous blog I referred to the classical categorisation of professionals: Finders - who go out and find the new work Minders - who look after the relationship with the clients Grinders - who do the work Binders - who keep the team working well together It seems to me that most CPD is

Mentoring or coaching ambitious accountants

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Accountancy magazine (July 2006) ran an article "Coaching: the new religion"  written by Wilf Altman.  In it he suggested that 'leading firms of  accountants are surprisingly coy about coaching.' In my experience however all of the largest firms run partner development programs and most of these include a form of coaching or mentoring.  I agree

Mentoring prospective partners

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I was a guest of Taxation magazine at their Annual Taxation awards ceremony last night. Big black-tie event at the Park Lane Hilton hotel. Met loads of people who had said they’d received my recent email newsletters and that they had not ‘removed’ themselves from my mailing list. Phew! Sat next to a really nice