How do you allow clients to communicate with you?

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In the days before email there were only 3 ways that clients could communicate with their accountants. In person, by phone and by letter. Now the list of options is much longer. Do you encourage, tolerate or refuse to accept communications by less conventional methods? How does this impact your client base? Email is perhaps

Be proud and positive about your profession

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This week's blog post is derived from the response I received from a recent attendee at one of my talks. She had been very enthusiastic so I asked her what she had learned specifically. This is her reply: Things I took away from yesterday: That it’s OK to be on the quiet side at networking

The end of accountants is nigh. Or is it?

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Let me save you some time. Yes, the accounting profession is going through (another) period of unprecedented change. There will be fewer jobs for accountants in the future. There will be fewer large firms of accountants in the future. But there will continue to be plenty of work for savvy sole practitioner accountants for many years

“None of my clients want anything more than the basics”

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Unlike some commentators, I entirely accept that many accountants have some clients who want nothing more than a basic compliance service.  And that you get very frustrated to be told by consultants that you should offer your clients advisory services. After all,  you know your clients don't want, cannot afford and will not value such advisory

Connect, know, like, trust, need – what do you do to make this work for you?

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I frequently hear networking gurus stress a mantra that originated in the book ‘Endless Referrals, written by Bob Burg: “All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to people they know, like and trust.” I understand this is also the mantra shared at certain networking groups. The focus then is on encouraging you to make an effort

What is the really simple idea at the heart of what you do?

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We have all been asked, many times, "What do you do?" Does your reply help ensure that you will be remembered positively for any length of time? Simple straightforward factual replies allow the other person to put us in a 'box'. This is what happens when we simply state our profession (eg: "I'm an accountant"

How accountants can take control of their career success

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Duncan Brodie is a former Finance Director who helps accountants build successful careers. I've known him a while and feel his views are worth sharing here. Duncan's views will be especially helpful to you if you are nearly or recently qualified.  As he explains: Once upon a time a professional accounting qualification almost guaranteed that

Why do you let clients bully you?

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Each February I hear tales of woe from accountants who have worked late into the night during the weeks leading up to the tax return filing deadline. Many are resigned to this and some even seem to enjoy the adrenaline rush. Most though resent the late hours and the pressure they feel as the deadline

Could you adapt this unique way of standing out from the crowd?

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I still remember meeting Christopher Higenbottam at a networking event some years ago. I asked what he did and he told me he is an architect. (Indeed it transpired that he was the MD of Tempietto Architects). We talked for a while about his work.  After a few minutes I think I asked him whether

Don’t make this mistake if you want referrals from your clients

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Regardless of which profession you practice, I wonder if you make an all too common mistake. We all hope that clients will want us to provide a range of services to them. And we hope that clients will recommend and refer us to other prospective clients too. But, as I frequently point out, 'hope' is

Sole practitioners – what can you do when your clients are too tough on you?

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Many an otherwise savvy sole practitioner tells me about similar problems with their client base. "They won't pay higher fees, they don't want additional services and they leave everything to the last minute" If you have clients like this, you're not alone. Often it's a direct consequence of how desperate you were to take on

Improving the profitability of your practice

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At this week's meeting of The Inner Circle for Accountants our headline discussion topic was: "Improving the profitability of your practice" Members had identified this as a key issue they shared. It was also one of the most common concerns expressed in  a recent survey I ran of accountants who want to feel more successful.