Whose relationship is it anyway?

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You've been instrumental in bringing a new client into the firm and you've looked after them well. Or, perhaps you weren't the finder, simply the minder of the relationship and the client thinks of you as their main contact at the firm. What happens when you leave to join another practice or to start up

How enthusiastic are you?

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In January 2003 the ICAEW published a report "The Profitable and Sustainable Practice". You can still access it online and I recommend it as many of the points covered therein are as relevant today as they were 5 years ago. It was aimed particularly at small practices, which operate in the SME sector. Although it's

Become a rainmaker for your practice

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The term 'rainmaker' means different things to different people. In professional service firms it tends to be used to refer to a partner who brings in lots of fees. In some firms the rainmaker has no other repsonsibilities. This is increasingly unusual however. In my role as the Accountants' Business Coach I have often used

Are you a cost or a benefit?

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On his blog Dennis Howlett has been commenting on the suggestion made on another blog(!) that accountants cost money, they don’t make money. And that  "if your accountant is costing you more money than she is earning, saving, or generating, then either you have a rubbish accountant or you have difficulty tracking your costs and benefits. Of course,

Preparing for a coaching session

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Following my recent post about preparing for meetings it seemed logical to set out some of the questions I ask coaching and mentoring candidates to consider before we start work. The precise questions will depend upon the issues that require attention. Sometimes these will have become apparent from a skills self audit On other occasions

Why is anyone Hired or Fired?

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Years ago I was told that People are hired because they are liked and fired because they’re not! Whilst this maxim is no doubt true in many cases I think it does not reflect what really happens in many professional firms. That is that people get hired because of their perceived technical skills and knowledge.

Strong technical skills are not enough

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Taxation 2 Magazine often includes useful tips for ambitious (tax) professionals. Most of the time these are relevant to a wider audience too. The current issue (7/9/07) contains an excellent piece by Sheila Mandel of BLT in which she notes that "The emphasis on marketing and relationship building has resulted in the existence of (and

You are better than you think you are

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Ambitious professionals are not always confident and positive about the future. Just like everyone else they sometimes fear that they won't be able to achieve the targets set for them or that they have set for themselves. Most people suffer moments of indecision and self doubt every now and then. One of my functions as

Do you hope, pray or train?

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It has been said that personal development in a professional environment is largely a matter of common sense. Employers will spend a fortune in an effort to ensure that ambitious professionals keep upto date with technical developments. But when it comes to maximising the professionals' potential to do their job, to progress and to get

Networking in a new firm

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It's a fact of life that ambitious professionals are often competing with each other when it comes to seeking promotion to partnership. There are invariably more managers and associates seeking progression to partnership than there are potential partnership roles in a firm. The better connected and respected one is the greater the prospect for advancement

How can you stand out from the rest of the pack?

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I have just watched an old video clip of the professional services firm guru, David Maister, in which he highlights the six most scarce resources in most professional service firms: Energy Excitement Enthusiasm Determination Passion Ambition David also points out that his research has proved that the top achieving firms are those that energise, excite

I want to be an equity partner

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I recently had a call from a salaried partner in a 12 partner professional firm. Let's call him 'Andy'. It was a good few months since the last time we had spoken. Andy is in his early forties and has been with the firm for around ten years. Last week during his annual appraisal Andy

How intelligent are ambitious professionals?

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I was reading a report recently, from Kaisen, about characteristics of partners in professional advisory firms. The report concludes by noting that: "what distinguishes partners from non-partners are 'emotional intelligence' factors such as sensitivity to clients' feelings and psychological needs, and the ability to trust people to 'pick up' on what motivates them as individuals."

Great questions (part one)

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Many ambitious professionals welcome the opportunity to expand their thinking and to benefit from identifying new ideas all by themselves.  You will also find that you can STAND OUT from your peers in a positive way by reflecting on key questions and then answering them honestly. Here are some great questions I've benefited from in